Nature – Right at the Doorstep. Robins make themselves at home


Saultonline received the loveliest note from Tom and Charlotte Brason.

When they returned home from babysitting the grandkids in southern Ontario the other day they were welcomed home in a way that only Mother Nature can provide.

Tom said “Charlotte and I went to Oakville to babysit our grandsons for a week and found out when we got back home that a Robin had a nest on our deck right beside the patio door. We’ve got a video cam on the nest and Charlotte is taking daily pictures as well. It’s something to see , the parent flying in, feeding the young, then picking up poop from the babies to keep the nest clean and heading out again.”

Good job Tom and Charlotte Brason– championing songbirds in their neighbourhood. Where nature is quite literally – right at their doorstep.



  1. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. I have a backyard with several trees, and in the couple of years I’ve noticed that the birds have become more comfortable with human presence, going about their business, rather than flying off at first sight. Robins are certainly more comfortable, I’ve noticed. In fact, I have a couple that have glared at me as if I owed them rent money :>). I’ve entertained cardinals (male and a female), who have spent the winter in the locale, and they enjoy using our barbecue for a hotel. Beautiful birds, amazing bird calls. First I’ve seen of Cardinals in my back yard. Blue Jays are not afraid of much at any time, but they are nesting in the area this year, and prior to a couple of years ago, I’d only seen Jays in passing in the fall. Recently, a red squirrel darted up a tree, only to be abruptly evicted by a female Blue Jay…you could hear the babies in the background. Regarding the comfort level of birds, I think this is a phenomenon they’ve had to learn to adapt to…their natural habitat is dwindling, so now their nesting places are, more often than not, located in the back yards of humans; they’ve had to grow a thick skin and learn to put up with us.

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