Ontario PCs deliver thousands of letters to stop unfair hydro rate hike


TORONTO – Yesterday, the Ontario PCs delivered 2,237 letters to the Ontario Energy Board urging them to reject Hydro One’s unfair and unaffordable application for a $141 rate hike.

“Ontarians are tired of seeing executives at Hydro One getting massive raises, because for many people life has become unaffordable,” said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. “Both the Ontario Energy Board and Kathleen Wynne should take note. The volume of letters we delivered today is a clear sign they should reject this rate hike.”

The delivery of these letters has been a part of a push from the PCs to stop this application for a rate hike in its tracks. Last week, Brown wrote a letter to the Premier urging her to reject Hydro One’s application, but the Wynne Liberals refused to use their powers to stop it.

“We always knew the Liberals would raise hydro rates after the election. We didn’t think they’d do it before the election,” added Brown. “Since Kathleen Wynne is more than willing to rubberstamp massive rate hikes, we knew we had to take matters into our own hands. The Ontario PCs will always stand up for the ratepayer and fight for affordability.”


  1. Article in today’s Toronto Sun:
    $1B worth of energy wasted last year: engineers
    Ontario wasted $1 billion worth of clean electricity in 2016, according to the province’s professional engineers.
    The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, a non-partisan body, which represents the province’s engineers, says it has crunched government hydro numbers from 2016 and they show that 7.6 terawatt-hours of clean hydro went down the drain that year. That’s equal to the amount required to power 760,000 homes – or $1 billion worth of electricity – said the group’s past president Paul Acchione.

    NEED WE SAY ANYTHING MORE ABOUT THESE Ontario liberals ???? I’m just curious, not being a lawyer, but what part of this unbelievable act of mismanagement is not criminal behavior ?? Inquiring hard working and frustrated taxpayers really want to know. Does anyone know ??? Seriously folks !!!

  2. How are the Conservatives planning to help get us out of the Liberal “mess” ? They better hurry up before the Liberals call the rumoured SNAP ELECTION call for late September.

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