Ontario PC’s say Natural Gas Going Up Again!


Ontario PC Leader, Patrick Brown issued this statement to media today following news that Natural Gas heating prices are going up again in the Province.

“The Ontario Energy Board has approved yet another rate increase for natural gas customers, meaning Ontarians’ home heating bills will increase by roughly $36 per year. Ontarians are already struggling to make ends meet. Yet under the Liberals, their hydro bills are going up, and now their natural gas bills are going up. Enough is enough.

“Earlier this year the Wynne Liberals pushed forward with their cap-and-trade cash grab that the Ontario PCs warned would lead to soaring natural gas bills, and today we’re seeing that cost. Unfortunately, Ontarians will see no relief from this government.

“The Wynne Liberals knew cap-and-trade would lead to soaring heating bills so they buried the costs in secrecy. Ontario PC MPP Monte McNaughton has a Private Member’s Bill before the Legislature to add a separate line item on natural gas bills to show the true cost of the Wynne Liberals’ cap-and-trade cash grab.

“Everybody in Ontario knows the Wynne Liberals are not committed to natural gas in Ontario. Last year, their secret agenda to ban natural gas was leaked to the public. While they may deny this is their plan now it is clear they’re trying to price Ontarians out of the natural gas market.

“First we learned that it will become more expensive for Ontario drivers on Canada Day, and now we’ve learned natural gas bills will increase yet again on the same day. Ontarians are working harder, paying more, and getting less. Life is harder under the Wynne Liberals and it seems like it is only getting worse.”


  1. Always on the attack (which they certainly deserve) but you never say much about how the PC’s can fix this ongoing out of control disaster.

    • The reason is…NO PARTY can possibly undue what the Liberals have done. I am just curious as to how either the NDP or the Conservatives plan to get us on the right track. I have no idea what they could possibly do to remedy the situation…but…both parties will have to have some sort of plan in place before we go to the polls…LATE SEPTEMBER IS MY GUESS. Watch for Wynne to call a snap election. I guess i better stop my postings before I annoy even more folks than you. I shall enjoy others postings on this election topic however.

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