Ontario Stands with Forestry Workers and Businesses in Face of Unfair Duties


Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Kathryn McGarry issued the following statement responding to the announcement of new duties on Canadian softwood lumber exports to the U.S.:

“The Ontario government will continue to stand alongside forestry workers and businesses — and the communities across the province that depend on it.

We are frustrated that the U.S. Department of Commerce has decided to impose additional unjustified duties on Ontario’s softwood lumber producers. Ontario and Canadian softwood companies export their products at fair market prices, and these “anti-dumping” duties are protectionism — plain and simple.

We know that fair and open trade is the best outcome for people and businesses on both sides of the border. We will continue to fight against this “Buy American” mentality that is driving up the price of lumber across the border and continually pricing middle-class Americans out of home ownership.

We are standing with our forestry sector — and the families that depend on it.
Working through our Chief Negotiator, Jim Peterson, we will continue to advocate for free and open trade for Ontario’s softwood industry. And we will support Ontario forestry businesses by responding to their concerns and vigorously representing their interests in Ottawa and Washington.”


  1. wynne is just like Harper. Letting her inflated ego control her misguided power trip. Just like Harper, wynne will drag down her party. In this case, though, the libs need to be placed somewhere where they can’t hurt any more Ontario taxpayers. Ohh, I know, “extinction”. Good luck to all of us who pay the bills. June, 2018 is fast approaching. Thank God !!

  2. It’s time to start charging the United States what WE PAY for hydro-electric power instead of giving it to them for next to free while we continue to get hosed on every bill.
    This would make them rescind their BS duties in a hurry.

  3. Wynnie is not part of Ontario she is some other species.
    One that is far too dumb to realize that she doesn’t belong.
    We will have to show her the door at our earliest opportunity.

  4. Who is going to listen to the most dysfunctional Ontario premier ever ?? Resign now Ms. Wynne so someone can take over this province and BEGIN the years of healing.

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