Steve Strongman – For The Blues – There’s No Time Like Now.


On Thursday, June 22nd, 2017, Steve Strongman and band will be rocking the blues at The Machine Shop in The Sault’s Canal District.

Strongman – who calls Hamilton, Ontario his home base –  and his band have a busy summer schedule. They recently played in Burlington, Ont. at ‘Sound of Music Fest’ on the Cogeco Stage.

“It was a great festival – The weather held out and about 4 or 5 thousand people attended.” Steve Strongman told Saultonline in a recent interview.

‘Award-winning Canadian bluesman Steve Strongman is a versatile talent, and a restless one. By constantly pushing himself in new directions, he has kept himself vital. His talent is huge and impossible to miss, and it’s matched by his staggering musical ambition — as guitar-slinger, songwriter or vocalist. The same structures and progressions that animate blues and roots music can also choke the air out of it, smothering it in caricature and cliché. But Strongman is a subtle shape-shifter who manages to slip that trap without betraying the music he loves. Throughout, he never sounds an inauthentic note or loses touch with the essence of the blues. In the tradition of The Howlin’ Wolf Album and Muddy Waters’ After the Rain, No Time Like Now offers tribute to blues-rock as a full-blooded, living thing, not a museum piece.’

A video shot in March, 2017 just before the single came out ‘No Time Like Now’ was filmed at a favourite Hamilton watering hole & live music venue.

Released in April, “‘No time Like Now’, was shot at a friend’s bar called ‘This ‘Aint Hollywood.’” said Strongman.

“The director of the video thought this would be a cool space – It has great ambience. The idea behind the video – what the director thought- was that sound is moving through all of the cables and electrifying the city with energy from our sound.”

‘Backed by an impressive pack of players (including drummers Dave King and Adam Warner, bassists Rob Szabo and Alec Fraser, keyboardist Jesse O’Brien), the band is pure fire — both athletically limber and wickedly tight. The session also features a stellar guitar cameo from Randy Bachman on Strongman’s muscular cover of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”.  No Time Like Now buzzes with fresh energy — loose, playful and reinvigorated — but it’s thanks to the caliber and chemistry of the players that it lands its punches so consistently.’

Strongman is looking forward to getting back to The Sault. He joined local blues musician Rusty McCarthy and his band about 5 years ago in a concert. “I had an absolute blast doing that. The local blues society is really strong in The Sault.”

Strongman told Saultonline that people who attend Thursday night’s concert at The Machine Shop “will hear a lot of songs from my new record – including ‘No Time Like Now’ –  and previous releases as well.”

“I’m bringing my trio – myself –  a base player and a drummer. We’re in the middle of doing a northern tour.”

The band will be in Orillia, Ontario tonight, Wednesday June 21st. Then on to Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Kenora and Winnipeg. Strongman has played in the Sault before.

Steve Strongman and Band will be back in Hamilton for Canada Day 150. “We’re looking forward to going home and playing our Canada Day festival.”

Strongman played the Thunder Bay Blues Festival last summer.

“We’re in a great place right now in the blues scene in Canada – especially with recognition from south of the border. I spent some time recently in Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California. There was a lot of people referring to – talking about our blues scene in Canada – Blues influenced music. We have our own spin here. It’s what makes us unique.” he said.

‘Strongman’s impressive resume includes stints opening for guitar legends such as Johnny Winter, B.B. King and Buddy Guy. The performer’s breakthrough 2012 release A Natural Fact was hailed as a standout, earning Maple Blues Awards for Recording, Songwriter, and Guitarist Of The Year as well as a 2013 Juno Award for Blues Recording Of The Year. In 2014 he was thrice-nominated at the Maple Blues Awards (Guitar Player, Electric Act, and Entertainer of the Year) and in 2015 received a second Juno nod for Blues Album of the Year (for Let Me Prove It To You).’