STRAWBERRIES, Coming Soon to Field Near You!

White Blossom Farm

White Blossom Farm has been busy gearing up to begin another strawberry season.

  • White Blossom FarmFields have been weeded. Check!
  • Straw has been spread around the plants and in the walkways to help keep the berries clean. Check!
  • Plants have been watered to get the berries big and juicy. Well, mother nature has done a good job this year, but they are still marking that one off. Check!

Now all we can do is wait for the sun to come out, the weather to warm and for the strawberries to finish ripening.

White Blossom FarmWhite Blossom Farms is located at 607 Leigh’s Bay Road and is a strawberry and fresh vegetable farm. Owned and operated by Jim Grisdale and Allison Horne Grisdale since 2004, it has grown from hay fields for cows and horses to over 4 acres of strawberries and 8 acres of vegetables.

They work hard to create a beautiful and peaceful picking experience. Prior to opening they spend many long hours hand weeding, then spreading straw to help keep both the berries and the pickers clean and generally keep the farm picture perfect. Many of their berry fields’ have a view of St Mary’s River that you can watch as you are stretching and taking a break from your picking. You can also enjoy a regular breeze in their fields and this helps to keep the biting bugs to a minimum.

White Blossom FarmStrawberry picking should begin sometime during the week of June 26th. Since they are almost always outside getting things ready, their answering machine will have up to date information about the picking season to come.

White Blossom Farm offers both the U-pick experience as well as pre-picked berries. Simply call 705-759-8673 to order your pre-picked berries or to get an update for picking conditions.

Their Hours are:

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00 am until 8:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am until 6:00 pm (open Canada Day!)