The Northern Ontario Party Leader speaks on the proposed Minimum Wage Increase


The Northern Ontario Party is calling out the Liberals on their political antics they are using to buy votes and to get the voters to focus their attention away from the negativity toward their leader, Kathleen Wynne. The Liberals want the voters to focus on anything other than the  Liberals’ incompetence that  has caused an unstable economy and undue economic hardships for the citizens of Northern Ontario

The current government wants the Ontario voters off the hydro, healthcare and cost of living issues that they have created. Instead, the Liberals are using the minimum wage increase debate as a diversionary means to steer us away from the negativity that Kathleen has been receiving as of late. Yes, the increase is inevitable, but not such a large increase with little or no time for Ontario businesses to adjust or prepare. The minimum wage increase should be done in such a way that no one is in jeopardy of losing their job or their business in the process.

The NOP feels such an immediate jump in the minimum wage will not only cause businesses to close, but the businesses that stay open will be forced to increase their prices to make up the huge added expense. This will just cause inflation to jump and in no time everyone is right back where they have started, with no one being better off than they were before. Our party feels to avoid this, The formula needs to be corrected and the minimum wage increase spread over an extended period of time.

The Liberals’ circus acts on Hydro, taxes and wasteful spending has created Ontario’s fragile economy. Do you really trust them with correctly handling the minimum wage issue? The other big establishment parties all play the same games with no care or commitment to Northern Ontario and its success. They all think and guess that what works in Toronto, Works Everywhere. Unfortunately, we believe the minimum wage increase will be felt more in the North than any other part of the province and did us Northerners even get a say?

This is what we KNOW needs to happen, to ensure businesses and our fragile economy will grow and becomes stronger; not implode. Cost of living needs to get back to a realistic level. This would include near cost hydro without delivery or taxation. Bring housing back to an affordable level that would allow as many people as possible to buy and have access to appropriate homes. Everything we have in our platform needs to be done, including slowing the rate of the minimum wage increase to a rate of approximately 75 cents every six months until we reach the 15 dollars an hour level.

We know that most people want the increase now; but after all that has been done to destroy the economy and businesses in Northern Ontario, we need to ensure it will be done right the first time. To create the maximum benefit for everyone, we need to make sure that the minimum wage rate is above the rate of cost of living to avoid and eliminate poverty. So before you jump on the big 3 parties’ bandwagon be sure to really weigh all pros and cons. The big 3 parties have all shown that they will only highlight the positives in an attempt to win the voters’ favor before an election. With an election just around the corner, do you believe Kathleen is doing what is best for you and your family or is she doing what’s best to win an election?

The Northern Ontario Party when voted in, WILL Better Northern Ontario For Everyone, Every Day.

Trevor Holliday
Northern Ontario Party Leader


  1. Saying you need Minimum wage above cost of living shows you don’t understand how minimum wage works. You could raise minimum wage to $100/h and it still would not be enough, why, because within a short period of time cost of living will catch up. Just look at Tim Hortons, they will up their prices the moment the minimum wage changes… So will other businesses. The answer is not raising minimum wage, but lowering cost of living threw things like lower hydro costs, lower food costs…

    • Hi Shawn thanks for your input . We agree the better way is to lower the cost of living . But Kathleen has already announce the increase and there is very little we can do to stop it. We like to see the cost of living lowered as it benefits everyone. We worry like everyone else that this increase will only harm businesses and cause many to lose their jobs.

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