Romano wins




174 polls reporting out of 174 polls

Candidate (Last Name, First Name) Political Party Number of Votes Percentage of Votes Margin
ROMANO, ROSS PC Party of Ontario 10,391 40.30 % 1,856
KRMPOTICH, JOE Ontario NDP/NPD 8,535 33.10 %
AMAROSO, DEBBIE Ontario Liberal Party 5,919 22.96 %
FLANNIGAN, KARA Green Party of Ontario 512 1.99 %
ZNONEOFTHE, ABOVE None of the Above Party 310 1.20 %
BALFOUR, GENE Libertarian 71 0.28 %
TURMEL, JOHN Paupers 47 0.18 %
Percentage of polls reporting: 100.00 %
Voter turnout: 43.93 %
Registered Electors on List: 58,690
Results Last Updated Date: 06/01/17
Results Last Updated Time: 11:20 pm


  1. Blue in the Soo…when did that happen last…finally a wake up call…still pretty apathetic voter turnout % given all the crap going on here lately…

  2. Yeah !, it is about time. In your face Wynne. Just goes to show you the electorate isn’t as stupid as she thinks. We can think for ourselves and know when someone is attempting to buy our the votes. Perhaps the liberals should have found a candidate who didn’t sound like the most disliked female in Ontario.

    • No one is interested in what the old Wynnedbag has to say she needs to shrivel up and blow away.
      Congrats Ross exactly as I predicted.
      “Do nothing Debbie” goes nowhere and never will.

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