Tracy’s Dream. Spray It Pink. A Sault Waterfront In Memorium

Spray-Paint It Pink. Waterfront bench gets memorialized in pink

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, family and friends of Tracy Dinelle, along with local Lion’s Club members came together to memorialize Tracy on a waterfront bench. The bench was donated by the Lions Club of Sault Ste. Marie.

Lion Rick Boucher, Lion Linda Boucher and Lion Don Cameron were on hand to support the effort to spray paint a waterfront bench in Tracy’s Dream trademark colour – pink. The bench is located near Mill Market along the Hub Trail under a shady tree.

Calendar Girls from the 2016 Breast Cancer Survivors Calendar were reunited on Saturday to spray paint, and honour Tracy’s legacy. Paula Pigeon and 2016 Calendar girls spoke with Superior Media about the importance of carrying on Tracy’s Dream.

Dawn Santoro (Miss July 2016) was the driving force behind securing donated materials for painting and decorating the bench. Dawn stated that Michaels (Arts and Crafts) on Second Line donated a substantial portion of the spray paint and materials used for the bench transformation.

Diana & Zolton (Toots) Kovacs were instrumental in the creation and donation of a memorial plaque which is now permanently affixed to the pink bench.

Dennis Dinelle, Tyler Dinelle, Rena Zaffini, Jack Particelli, Carla Particelli with Tracy’s photograph at the Pink Bench memorialized in her honour. June 10,2017

Tracy’s Dream fundraising initiatives, continue to support the original idea that Tracy Dinelle had – To offer a token of kindness, in the concrete form of a parking token for Sault Area Hospital’s parking lot. Tracy’s Dream was officially launched in May, 2015.

“I would like to help cancer patients have a stress-free day while they are having their treatments,” Tracy Dinelle shared in May 2015.

Now at $6.00, the cost of parking can and does create undue hardship on persons attending for ongoing medical treatment at SAH. Several trips per week can add up really fast, and for many, it is an extra burden on an already tenuous hold on well being. Tracy Dinelle was the spark that lit the fire.

Tracy’s husband Dennis Dinelle and son Tyler, along with her mom Rena Zaffini, father Jack Particelli and her sister Carla Particelli took to spray painting as well – leaving their touches on the bench. Carla travelled from Hamilton, Ontario to participate in the event.

Dennis Dinelle would like to encourage folks receiving ongoing treatment at SAH to reach out to Tracy’s Dream Fund for support. “Tracy established her dream to relieve some of the stress that comes with the burden of facing parking costs at Sault Area Hospital.” he said. There are now three locations in The Sault to pick up tokens. East end, north-central and the west end. “The fund is being constantly replenished, through fundraising and donations from businesses and individuals.” Today, Tracy’s Dream is a tangible offering, from heart to hand. Tracy’s Dream fund continues to support SAH Cancer patients and has grown to well over $40,000.

‘In the month of May 2017 Tracy’s Dream was accessed 36 times. 124 tokens and 15 monthly passes were distributed totaling $1,836.50. Since December 2016. Tracy’s Dream has made three purchases from SAH totalling 1500 tokens and 150 monthly passes at a total of $19,000.50.’

Tracy’s Dream can be found here:

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Tracy Dinelle passed away on June 21st, 2016, at the age of 52.