Transient “Attention Getter” rolls into the Sault


Daniel Towsey has been all over Canada complaining about this and complaining about that.  Right now he is in Sault Ste. Marie complaining about Muslims.

He can be found on YouTube making speeches and making a nuisance of himself in Halifax and other places.  Are his complaints legitimate or are they a plea to be heard?

In talking to him, he told of the crime rate in Halifax climbing to an all time high, “fourteen women being raped by the same person, and a judge saying that he wouldn’t convict a Muslim taxi driver of rape and assault” because he feared Islamist’s.

Towsey is homeless traveling and living out of his car.  He attends soup kitchens wherever possible and enlists the help of people that care enough to give him money or food.  He stated that on Tuesday, he went to the local soup kitchen to eat but couldn’t because it was full of refugees  using it.

He complained of the Federal Government bringing all these people here and supplying them with cars, homes, and everything (they) needed.

The refugees that were at the soup kitchen were volunteering their services to the kitchen as a thank you to our city for what they consider life saving help for them.  Leaving their old countries literally did save their lives.

One thing for certain, Towsey knows how to draw attention.

On Wednesday morning he was stopped on Bay St. by the Police Services because someone had complained about him and feared he was a threat to the safety of our city.

He can be found on YouTube at the following link:

and on:

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