Unsung Hero: Dave Chiasson


Unsung Heroes

Dave Chiasson

Dave is another Volunteer in the Sault who quietly contributes to the benefit of our community. I met Dave after joining the Algoma Cambrian Bridge Club in which Dave has been a prominent member for over 20 years.

Dave is not only a prominent member but also among the best players in the Club. The operation and success of this non-profit club is entirely due to volunteers like Dave.

Following are some of his volunteering efforts within the Club

  • Teaching Bridge lessons usually on Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Club Treasurer on two separate occasions, along with Gunnar Kristiansen who is also a club member, acting as Tournament Chairmen for 10 years from 2004-2014
  • Mentoring new members/players
  • Assisting at Bruce Richmond’s lessons
  • Board member and Club member for over 20 years

Aside from Bridge volunteering Dave and his wife Suzanne have been volunteering their time and efforts in other ways such as:

  • Christmas Cheer since 2007 visiting families
  • Manned the Santa Booth’s malls several times for the past few years
  • Working at the Davy Home Tuck shop
  • Reader at their Church since 2010-14

Volunteering their time and efforts without seeking personal glory or publicity is a common theme for all the volunteers that I have managed to contact. Dave and his wife are similarly endowed with these humble characteristics.

Volunteers like Dave and Suzanne and the numerous others are the heart of the community who through their generosity provide an immeasurable contribution to the community’s welfare.