Wettlaufer says she intends to plead guilty to all charges


A former nurse accused of killing eight seniors in her care has told an Ontario judge she intends to plead guilty to first-degree murder charges in their deaths.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer also says she will also plead guilty to four counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

Police have alleged those crimes involved the use of certain drugs and took place over the last decade in three Ontario long-term care facilities where Wettlaufer worked as a registered nurse, and at a private home.


  1. It is obvious this lady is mentally ill. I do not think the death penalty is appropriate in these cases where it can be proven the accused is mentally ill.

    • Is it? who is going to prove it? If someone tries it will just be a money grubbing lawyer.
      Could it not be that she is just a devious serial killer who gets off on it?
      The death penalty is perfectly in order for monsters like this that prey on the old and vulnerable.
      She does not deserve to breathe one more breath of fresh air on this earth.

  2. The death penalty should be reinstated for cases like this.
    It’s sickening how someone can do this multiple times without giving it a second thought.

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