What is Soo Blaster? It’s coming to Downtown

Soo Blaster

Soo Blaster is being billed as a place to eat, drink and play and apparently it’s coming to downtown Sault Ste. Marie in the former “woolco” building, some may know it as the old NCO building.  Nonetheless, it’s one of the biggest building on Queen Street and has sat empty for a number of years.

Whatever this establishment may be, it’s going to need employees and a job fair has been scheduled  The  new entertainment and dining complex  has teamed up with  Employment Solutions and Sault Community Career Centre to host a JOB FAIR on Wednesday, June 28th from 10am – 6pm. The job fair will be held at the Days Inn & Suites (please use the Bay Street entrance of the hotel).

Soo Blaster will be looking to hire upwards of 60 full time and part time positions, including food and bar servers, supervisors, managers, kitchen cooks, and cleaners.


    • Well Tugz will be a blast. But Blaster is looking like a huge money suck. Way too big to succeed. Good luck.

      • we could do a “Tugz until you Blast” cross-promotion…it’s all about the cross-promotion, to ensure businesses work together and survive…

  1. I wish them well and thank them for showing confidence in Sault Ste. Marie. Come out Saultites and support this local venture.

  2. It is the kind if negativity expressed by Mr Schell that can hold a city back. I applaud anyone willing to try and make this city more viable. Good luck to this new venture.

  3. We have survived after the paper mill folded . We just need to adapt and add alternative businesses for employment.

  4. Perhaps a good idea for a bustling city but the timing and economy couldn’t be worse.
    I’m afraid it will be here and gone inside of a year unless something drastic happens with the steel mill.

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