Wide range in prices at local gas stations


Normally, gas retailers in Sault Ste. Marie all post the same price for fuel, give or take a fraction of a penny. There’s usually not a  big difference, but that changed yesterday when one local retailer used a retail tactic known as “restore”.

Circle K on Second Line east and Pine street are now posting the lowest prices in the city as of June 21 at noon hour.

That’s when one retailer will up their prices well above the competition in hopes they will follow suit. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  So far, it’s not working today.

McDougal fuel stations like Esso and select Shell stations upped the prices yesterday to $1.08 a litre, a full ten cents more than Circle K who dropped the prices to 98.4 cents Wednesday.

Gas stations tend to make a margin of about 10 cents a litre and the restore game seems to be all about making bigger profits and controlling the market. Other stations are posting prices at 99 cents a litre or just over a buck.

The big gamble of course is for the retailer who ups the prices in hopes other stations will follow the lead, it could mean a very slow day at the pumps for that retailer while others are seeing a brisk business.  Guess who’s seeing a brisk business today?

You can keep up with the lowest gas prices in town right here on SaultOnline.com from the Getting Around… Lowest Gas Prices found in the top navigation menu!

Expect gas prices to bump up next week as we head into the long weekend.



    • Gas is 80 cents per liter Cdn on the US side not to mention the other savings to be had while you’re there.
      Why would anyone buy gas here unless they just plain like to burn money?

      • Because the 10 cents you save still means you pay $10 to get across and back. Not to mention buring gas for east enders to get there. You might break even. Not worth it to me!

        • 10 cents?
          At 1.08 it’s 28 cents per liter savings, which is $28.00 per 100 liters.
          Also, if you have a prox card it is not $10 to “get across and back”
          If you have a small car that doesn’t hold much gas and you are not buying anything else to add to the savings, you might not benefit a lot but if you have anything with a 100 liter tank or more it’s a no brainer.
          One fill up saves me $20 by itself without the other added savings.

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