A Few things about the Pokemon Go Festival


Here are some key points about the Sault Ste. Marie Pokemon GO festival at Clergue Park held this past Saturday from organizer,Derek Thomas Phillips-Pearce

1. 100 to 200 people attended they were a mixture of very young children, adults, and even a few seniors.

2. The event cost just under $780.00 to put on. We made $480.00 and that’s including $250.00 that’s going towards next years fest.

3. Over $100.00 in prizes. were given away

4. Niantics Chicago Go Fest was a disaster, with  constant network issues, Sprints network went down due to too many people being on it. In the end, all attendees in Chicago were refunded and given over 100$ in game credit.

5. Next years festival planning is already underway, and our budget has doubled for next year.