Algoma Forest – Inspection of Approved Aerial Herbicide Spraying


The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) invites you to inspect the MNRF-approved aerial herbicide spray project.

As part of their ongoing efforts to regenerate and protect Ontario’s forests, selected stands on the Algoma Forest will be sprayed with herbicide to control competing vegetation, starting on or about August 4, 2017. The herbicide VisionMax P.C.P. registration # 27736 Pest Control Products Act will be used. The approved project description and project plan for the aerial herbicide project is available for public inspection at the Clergue Forest Management Inc. Office and on the MNRF public website at beginning July 21, 2017 until March 31, 2018
when the Annual Work Schedule expires.

ServiceOntario Centres at MNRF Sault Ste. Marie District Office and MNRF Blind River Field Office provide access to the Internet.
Interested and affected persons and organizations can arrange an appointment with MNRF staff at the MNRF District or Field Office to discuss the aerial herbicide project.


  1. I think that, we the people living here, should have the opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process…and we should have been asked prior to a final decision having been made. Sounds like we are only being asked our opinion after the fact, which means our opinion really does not matter to the MNRF….and if you check the wording it is worded as the “interested and affected persons” and we certainly will be affected. We, along with our forests, will be sprayed and poisoned with the Herbicide P.C.P Visionmax registration #27736 Pest Controls Act. Anytime a pesticide is listed like this, and the actual name of the pesticides being used is hidden, I know it is undoubtedly one scary combination of chemicals😰

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