Big Winner Shares With Friend

Landon Odom (seller of the winning ticket, Rotarian, and Car Draw Co-Chair), Mark Pavoni (Rotarian and Car Draw Co-Chair), Adam Stoneham (Take Your Pick 2017 Winner), Tim (Adam’s friend from the Sault), Brent Lewis (Rotary Club President and drew the winning ticket)

If you had asked Adam Stoneham four months ago what he would be doing today, he wouldn’t have guessed he’d be visiting Sault Ste. Marie, and he definitely wouldn’t have guessed he’d be accepting a cheque for $75,000.

Adam met Sault native Tim in April 2017 while they were both on vacation in Cuba and they quickly became friends. Tim and his wife visited Adam and his girlfriend in Toronto a couple of times before suggesting they come up to the Sault for ROTARYFEST.

Tim buys a ROTARYFEST Take Your Pick Draw ticket every year, so when they were approached at the grounds by a ticket seller in a big red and white striped hat they made a deal: they would buy six tickets together and if either of them won, they would each get a portion of the prize money and a portion would be used to go on another vacation together in 2018.

The night of Saturday, July 15, Adam decided to stay up and watch the news while everyone else went to bed. It was about midnight when he noticed a missed call on his cell phone with a 705 area code, but he didn’t think too much of it… that is until he remembered putting his phone number on some of the tickets he had bought with Tim.

“I listened to the message three times before it registered,” shared Adam, “I freaked out and ran upstairs and woke everyone up. The rest is history.”

Adam and Tim don’t know where they’re going on their trip yet, but when asked if he would be coming back to ROTARYFEST next year, he replied “I think so.”


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