Downtown collision takes out two vehicles

James Michael Scott

By James Michael Scott

At approximately 10:30pm an accident occurred at the intersection of Albert West and Andrew Street. A black Chevrolet Cruz allegedly ran the southbound stop sign and collided with a yellow Toyota Celica, causing the Chevrolet to flip onto its driver’s side and the Celica to collide with the pole the formerly held the traffic light since removed by the city.

James Michael Scott

Witnesses assisted the driver of the Chevrolet from the vehicle. One person was taken by ambulance however no serious injuries were reported.

Substantial damage was visibly seen on both vehicles and airbags were also deployed on both. Police fire and ambulance were all on the scene. A fire hydrant was also damaged.

The scene caused quite a stir in the neighborhood with dozens of onlookers.


  1. I avoid going east on Albert through Andrew, i turn and go to Bay St. there is clearly 2 stop signs on andrew, one on each side of the street, only a moron could miss them, especially at night. As for Gore and Albert when a car is parked in the first spot a person has to nose out. looks like people avoid going up Gore as well to Wellington, never much traffic, probably because people don’t want to get T-boned from Albert. i avoid Gore that way also, too many stupid drivers that don’t pay attention in this town. The first thing the guilty party tries to do is blame the innocent driver, total sociopaths, they don’t even feel bad for injurying people..Jerks!!!

  2. They should have left them lights on albert n andrew and albert n gore st too bad area’s so many accidents since they took tbem out then the pass 20 years just to save some money now ppl are crashing left n right at least put a blinking light in those two places. On Albert n Gore st if a truck beside you. You can’t even see down gore st one corner i had too back up so a motorcycler could see over my hood he was greatful but if your beside a truck hell no you aint going to see over that truck we live downtown since i could remember never seen this much accidents

  3. I have lived on albert a few houses down from this intersection only a few months and already seen quite a few accidents. They need to do something about this.

  4. The city is too worried about things they shouldn’t even be thinking about right now to bother to change something that could save lives or seeing that our taxes don’t go up over 20%.
    ‘Complacent’ describes them to a ‘T’

  5. Bad intersection, as is the Albert and Gore. If people are parked on the southwest side of Gore, you’re taking a chance entering the intersection from Albert. Pretty much the same at Albert and Andrew if there are parked cars on the northwest side of Albert. Both nasty intersections without the traffic signals.

  6. It Has been shown over and over again that this corner is a problem.Perhaps it is time to install one of those big red flashing lights in order to highlight that corner to those travelling southbound towards Albert Street. Even when you do stop….it is difficult to see traffic coming east on Albert Street.Even a 4 way stop would be better than what is there now. Lets not wait until there is a death at that corner.

    • I couldnt agree more. We live on this block and my children have to cross this intersection to go to the school bus. My oldest is old enough to walk to/from bus alone but I wont let her because people dont stop here. They barely look for traffic, let alone pediatrians coming from the non traffic direction. Ive stood at that corner and had 5 cars drive around without sroppong or looking left to see us. We habe seen so many accidents!!

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