Happy Birthday Canada! A message from Terry Sheehan, MP

Terry Sheehan - Canada 150

Dear Friends,

The past year was a busy time in the Riding of Sault Ste. Marie, and 2017 is shaping up to be just as eventful. One of my priorities as your Member of Parliament is to be your voice in Ottawa, not Ottawa’s voice in Sault Ste. Marie.

Over the past year, I’m pleased to say that we have made investments in the community through local infrastructure, post-secondary education, waterfront redevelopment, Canada 150 grants, and much more! For a full listing of announcements and to find other information, please visit my website at www.tsheehan.liberal.ca.

I’m very pleased to report that the Government will continue to make smart investments in the things that matter most to Canadians, including strengthening our steel industry by taking concrete actions to fight foreign steel dumping, growing the economy by continuing to invest in infrastructure, and supporting middle class Canadians and those working hard to join it.

The Government has made changes to Canada’s trade remedy system that improves enforcement and transparency.

  • Particular market situation: The Government is acting on a key ask of the steel industry- new tools to address price distortions, to provide more effective protection from dumped goods.
  • Anti-circumvention: The Government  is providing new tools to deal with circumvention of trade remedy duties (e.g. where exporters try to avoid duties)
  • Scope rulings: Domestic producers will now have a say in whether a particular product is subject to trade remedy duties, to ensure proper enforcement and application of duties.
  • Union participation: Unions will be able to participate in trade remedy investigations- so they can make their views known when unfair trade practices affect jobs in Canada.
Bondar and Sheehan
During Canada’s 150th year, we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Dr. Roberta Bondar’s historic Space Flight!

As we celebrate Canada’s 150th year, let’s celebrate how far we have come together and how far we can still go as a country. Together we will continue to strengthen our communities, share our stories, and welcome new Canadians with stories of their own.

I look forward to hearing from you this summer at local events and during my door- to-door canvassing. My office is always available to help with tax, employment insurance, and passport issues. Please, keep visiting, writing, and phoning us with any concerns and new ideas– we love hearing from you!


Terry Sheehan, MP
Riding of Sault Ste. Marie


  1. Frank who are you endorsing to replace you? You promised this is your last term. I’m glad because Ward 5 needs new blood. Who did you vote for to replace Ross Romano? You should send out a press release now stating that you are keeping your word and not running.

  2. There’s 2 things that I will think about going to the ballot box in 2019. 1- justin promised $10 billion deficit in the 1st year- libs spent $30 BILLION. 2- justin spent 4 billion dollars in the 1st 100 days- all given away, like manna from Heaven, outside Canada.Your tax dollars given away to people who never paid a cent in Canadian taxes. Why, you say?

    Well, justin comes across like a God-send, so generous, what a wonderful guy, justin’s a hero. WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS !!! Seriously ??? Don’t forget folks. I know Bert and I won’t.

    Happy Canada Day everyone !!

    • Young voters and women will keep Trudeau In power as long as he wants the job. Mr. Sauve is there for life !!! he learned how to play the game from his dad.

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