Lawyers for Khadr, Speer set to square off


TORONTO – A lawyer for the widow of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan is slated to square off in court in Toronto today against counsel for Omar Khadr.

Tabitha Speer and a former U.S. soldier are trying to go after Khadr’s assets.

They want an injunction aimed at preserving any money the federal government paid Khadr for breaching his rights. Ottawa reportedly paid the former Guantanamo Bay prisoner $10.5 million last week.

The action comes as they seek to have a Canadian court enforce a US$134-million award against Khadr from Utah.

In response, a lawyer for Khadr argues the injunction application should be rejected.

He says it’s unlikely a Canadian court would enforce the Utah award and that Khadr has a right to keep his financial affairs private.


  1. Talk about an outrageous injustice that Khadr and his lawyers are trying to do to the families of a murdered American soldier and a wounded American soldier. But, the worst of this is what justin’s liberal government have done to make it possible to deceive these 2 victims’ families. What this trudeau liberal government has done will follow them right into the 2019 federal election. Thank God !!! We’re seeing, with each passing day, the true colours of this incompetent, arrogant and very non-transparent government.

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