Letter: Not winning at Poker Lotto, Why?

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I have been playing poker lotto in Ontario for about a year and a half since I started playing I have noticed a remarkable trend and I have confronted the olg about it but they keep brushing me off stating it’s all random I say B.S

I have been collecting tickets daily from multiple stores in my area and the same thing is happening over and over this game is not fair at all and seems to me it is pre programmed by the olg here is my issue perhaps someone can shed a little light and help me understand this. everyday is the same keep this in mind I play poker lotto and I lose my shirt daily the most I have ever won was $150 never higher and on a daily basis I get cards that are similar to each other ticket I get sometimes I get the exact same cards on tickets with exception to suits such as today I went to one store in Scarborough and played 2 regular poker lotto tickets on separate cards here is what I got 10D, KH, 2D, 6H, 8S the vary next ticket I got this 8S, 2H, 6H, 10H, KD on 8 other tickets I got a variety of these cards on another two tickets I have this QS, QD, 3D, 7S, 2D the next was QD, QS, 3S.

I have it over and over and over I usually on win a free ticket or $2.00 on the instant draws now the draw itself OMFG I do not win I have several days of tickets a few instant wins but nothing in the draws it’s incredible because I buy over 15-50 tickets a day now I ought to win right? nope I lose because the majority of cards I get are the same the bigger picture and most shocking is this the majority of the cards I do get guaranteed come up in the night draw without missing a heartbeat here I will show you it is 10:09pm here in Scarborough I can honestly say I predict a K, 8, 6, Q, and 3 to come up in tonight’s draw today is June 30th 2017 why does this happen? well I believe the olg like other games has a cap on the payouts so in order to meet that quota it has to replay tickets over and over and over and so nobody wins they draw the cards that have been repeated however knowing the suites it can not draw. now it does say poker lotto will never repeat the same ticket well maybe not in the same suits but it was repeated! I have multiple tickets where.

I have spent well over $100 and have only won free tickets in December I spent $99.00 and only won 4 free tickets in the instant draw and zero dollars in cash and even worse not one ticket won in the draw $99.00 spent and won ZERO DOLLARS! what? the odds are 1 in 4.8 over all and ! in 7.7 in the draw itself now I should have won something don’t believe me I have several videos on youtube just look up poker lotto you’ll see many from me I want this public so everyone knows what is really happening and fyi I forgot to mention Inside winners are the majority of poker lotto all in royal flush winners not to mention they re winning ever week usually 6/7 or 6/6 in lotto max and 6/49 wow they always seem to get numbers correct and instant tickets well in march 2 insiders on the exact same day went to 2 different stores in Ontario and were successful in picking out the $100.000 prize with the exact same scratch ticket WOW the odds are one in 1 million but two insiders can pluck them out something is definitely wrong and this needs an explanation and an investigation this is fraud and a scam watch the numbers come up tonight like I said and keep in mind too that the instant draws are completely separate from the draw yet every night the majority of my cards are drawn in the draw Hmmmmmmmm! really I look stupid?

James Golding


  1. This guy writes better than E Skinner and he has a column! I am sure you can decipher this if you read that trash…I would expect errors in a letter to the editor as they shouldnt be altered.

    A weekly column that is barely readable gets warm and fuzzy comments while the trolls come out for a letter to the editor…Wonders never cease.

  2. Hey James Golding…the last word of your “letter to the editor” pretty much sums it all up. Save your money, buy a computer that has SpellCheck on it…do us all a favor…

    The OLG and the Natives put “looteries” and casinos out there just to line your pockets with money. And it’s free. The only reason why they are there is to take your $99 and give you back $50,000 EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU PLAY.

    Believe that, and go back to school…

  3. did anyone notice the first two tickets are the identicals if each hand is selecte from a brand new deck why are they the same? why is it so consistant to get the same crap over and over

  4. or maybe all the winning tickets are only for certain stores when someone spends $200 on poker lotto and loses his shirt and you spend $20.00 and win constantly then something is wrong seems to me specific stores are selected to win and lose and good for you if your winning maybe your an insider

  5. I love poker lotto, I win enough, every day I buy a ticket, I won a few prizes, I won the nightly prize of $500 once and $150, three times, and $20 here and there, and a tone of $5, $2, and free plays, and I been playing for a year now, June 2016 is when I started playing,

  6. Also, did you expect to find people’s ‘winning’ tickets in the garbage you were collecting out of?? Of course they are so losers in there.
    Maybe you can find a period or a comma in the trash can.

  7. No…. you look stupid because trying to read this letter was nearly impossible. A third grader has better grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    Also, you knew you weren’t winning yet still played???? Hmmmmmm in the Illustrious words Homer Simpson, “you are so smart! SMRT!”

  8. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the amount they pay out is fixed, that’s why they are filthy rich.
    When I saw the headline I thought you were spending thousands trying to win not a hundred a month.
    You’d be better off forgetting about this sham and donating the money to the needy.

  9. Why would you continue to play a game that you cannot win? The OLG was never set up to make you rich. The odds are always in their favor. Put your money in real estate and get a better return.

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