Man wins the lottery – Twice!


QUEBEC – There are lucky men, and then there’s Jules Parent.

For the second time in nine years, the 69-year-old Quebecer has won $1 million playing the lottery.

“I know very well that the probability of winning is extremely small and winning twice in a relatively short time is really something else,” Parent said in an interview Thursday.

Parent showed up at Loto-Quebec offices in Quebec City to pick up a cheque for $1,222,069 after winning the jackpot playing the Crown of Egypt lottery online.

He won $1 million back in 2008 playing Lotto 6-49.

Parent’s most recent jackpot came on a play worth $3.20. Loto-Quebec places the odds of winning with such a bet at one in 23,437,500.

The odds of winning the Lotto 6-49 are one in 14 million.

“I don’t know who did this,” he said, implying he must have some sort of help from above. “Was I born under a good star?”

Parent said he enjoys playing, but is not a compulsive gambler, adding it’s one of his favourite pastimes along with walking, fishing and hunting.

“I’m going to continue playing — the same amount I do now,” he said.

“I’m retired so it helps me pass the time. Just like any other game of chance, sometimes you win and, other times, unfortunately, you head home with less money.”

Parent, who lives alone and doesn’t have kids, said he plans to demolish his home and build a new one.

“It’ll be a modest home,” he said. “It won’t be a castle, but it will be in the modern style.”

He also isn’t ruling out a trip to Las Vegas.