Ontario Seeking Feedback on Draft Northern Transportation Strategy


Ontario has released a draft strategy to guide transportation policy in Northern Ontario for the next 25 years and is seeking feedback from the community.

A first of its kind in Ontario, the strategy outlines the province’s vision and goals for Northern Ontario’s transportation system, and actions to address the unique challenges faced by the region across all modes of transportation–air, rail, road and marine.

The draft strategy strengthens and builds on the current transportation system to improve quality of life, maintain vital connections, prepare for new technologies and future impacts of climate change, and support investment and business growth in Northern Ontario. It builds on extensive technical analysis and feedback from people in the North that has been collected over the past two years.

Residents and businesses in Northern Ontario can read the draft strategy on the Northern Ontario Multimodal Transportation Strategy website, and share their feedback through an online questionnaire this summer, beginning July 12 until Sept. 15.

Improving connections between Northern Ontario communities and businesses is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.


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