Original Music Rocks Rotaryfest


On Saturday, July 15 Stage Two will be returning to Clergue Park as part of ROTARYFEST, The Sault’s Summer Festival!

“We are going to be blown away this year by the killer line-up on Stage 2,” shared Chelsie Parayko, Stage Director, “Our city is bursting with talent and I’m excited for these bands to show off their hard work. I can’t wait to see the people of Sault Ste. Marie come out and support our local youth!”

But wait, there’s more! Stage Two will run an extra hour this year, with headliner Jesse Merineau hitting the stage at 8:00 p.m. “You can expect to see a five piece band, giving a jaw-dropping performance,” shared Merineau, “With a full set of original music, you will feel like you are a part of something brand new and exciting. The songs are sure to give goosebumps, and leave you humming the melodies for weeks.”

1:00pm – All Us Others: an indie/pop band from a little town in Ontario. You will not want to miss their debut album!

2:00pm – Mike Mikus: Mike Mikus has enough energy to pass around a room. With the help of his nutty yet talented friends, the Mike Mikus band is a live wire worth touching.

3:00pm – id iota: after experiencing their genre-bending celebration of freedom and authenticity, you’ll agree that one thing is for sure: this ain’t your average local band.

4:00pm – A Dire Setback: this up and coming band, with their catchy lyrics and stage presence, are a band you are not going to want to miss.

5:00pm – Northwest: blending rock & roll hooks with punk rock energy, they’ll be sure to get the people moving!

6:00pm – The Din: a 3-piece alternative rock act from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The Din is known for their high energy original music and intense live performances.

7:00pm – K.I.C.K.: Keep It Cool Kids! Impressing audiences wherever they go, K.I.C.K. has been skillfully crafting their Northern Ontario sound for many years.

8:00pm – Jesse Merineau: SNEAK PEAK! This is your only chance to catch Jesse Merineau preview the huge project he has been working on.