Pay It Forward. Health Gear Medical & Safety Inc. Gifts Brand New Walker to Sault Senior.

Charlotte (Edith's neice) took her recently recovered walker (pictured in blue) to the OddFellows Lodge for donation.

Readers of SaultOnline will recall that a story was featured regarding a Sault senior who had a walker ‘taken’ from Walmart Great Northern Road while she was shopping in early July.

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Edith Sachro accesses the motorized scooters available for shoppers when shopping at the Walmart location. She always left her custom-built walker near the customer service area while shopping – something she had done time and time again with no issues.

Jim Mills – Health Gear’s owner has some amazing news for Edith Sachro – A brand new walker/rollator. July 20,2017

Edith Sachro is a Polio survivor. When she was a youngster – at age 3 years – she contracted Polio and consequently, spent much of her young life in and out of hospitals and medical treatment facilities. Edith wears a brace that runs the entire length of her right leg and up to her hip to aid her in mobility.

In the early afternoon, July 4th, 2017, Edith Sachro did her usual routine and when ready to exit Walmart, her walker had disappeared. The walker she used had wheels designed for ‘sturdiness’ to aid in balance and mobility – and had been fitted to her specific body type. It wasn’t something that was easily replaced with just any walker.

Jim Mills – Owner of Heatlh Gear Medical & Safety Inc. shows Edith Sachro her brand new walker

Her walker is a life-line to independence both inside and outside her home. Without her walker, Edith was left with significant challenges to move through her day in the same way she was used to doing.

Edith received an outpouring of support from the local community, including from members of the Sault Ste. Marie Professional Firefighters Association, concerned individuals, and business professionals who offered to aid in the purchase a new walker for her. One such offer was from a local business and expert in the field of assistive devices for mobility –  Health Gear Medical & Safety Inc.

Dave Lawrence helps Edith Sachro with the perfect fit for her new walker.

CEO – Jim Mills reached out to Edith’s niece, Charlotte Tullila and got moving – (or is that rollating) – on a surprise for Edith which culminated in a trip on Thursday morning (July 20th) to Health Gear Medical & Safety Inc., located on Queen Street East in the Sault’s downtown.

Jim Mills totally outfitted Edith with a brand new – and upgraded – walker, fit for her unique frame.

SaultOnline was there for the big reveal, and Edith was overwhelmed with the generous gift. Jim Mills said it was all about ‘paying it forward’, and that a lesson his father taught him, was that being a business owner means supporting local citizens whenever possible.

Charlotte Tullila expressed her desire to see people supporting the Sault’s local business owners, who really do come through as champions for citizens time and time again. “Shop local – is my mantra.” she said.

Part of the story also involved a ‘Crimestoppers’ segment, and after the airing of the crimestoppers video, the women who left Walmart with Edith’s walker returned it to the Sault Ste. Marie Police Services station on 2nd Line. The walker was returned on Wednesday, July 19th.

Edith Sachro can’t get over the brand new walker she was presented with July 20th,2017 at Heatlh Gear Medical & Safety Inc.

Well – that posed a dilemma for Edith this morning after receiving the brand new walker from Jim Mills. So, the two decided – Why not ‘pay-it-forward’ one more time.  And that is exactly what happened. Edith donated her original walker to the Odd Fellows Lodge this morning. She left Health Gear with a beautiful new rollator.

Edith is hoping that from this story, Walmart will consider putting in some sort of safety area where walkers can be stored securely without fear of them leaving without the original owner.

Jim Mills – you are a true hero in the story. As are so many individuals and businesses who came forward via SaultOnline to get Edith moving again.

All is right with the world. Or at least – our little corner of it.



  1. what a wonderful outcome. Kudos to Healthgear for helping out and even though her original walker was returned, allowing her to keep the new one and helping out another person by donating the original.

  2. Thank you again , Mr Mills for helping my aunt . Your kindness will always be remembered. And a big thank you to the firefighters and Mr John Duke for offering to help. It’s so nice to see that when something bad happens , that it brings people together. And to the people who took the walker , I sure hope you think twice before taking something that doesn’t belong to you . Also a big thank you to Todd at Walmart for going through the security video , so we could send it to Crime Stoppers. And hopefully Walmart can find a secure spot for customers to put their mobility device when they are using the electric wheel chairs . They are spending money in the store . They should not have to worry that their device won’t be there when they are done shopping. And thanks to Sault on line for the coverage about incident.

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