Premiers to discuss cannabis at summer meet


EDMONTON – It’s Weed Wednesday at the premiers meeting in Edmonton.

The leaders of Canada’s provinces and territories are set to compare notes on how to handle the rules when the federal government legalizes recreational use of cannabis next July.

While Ottawa will pass the enabling legislation, it will be up to the provinces to decide how cannabis will be distributed and sold, what public places it will be allowed and whether the minimum age to buy it will be higher than 18.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says the sheer amount of work and the unanswered questions require a one-year delay on implementation.

“It’s too soon,” Pallister said at a media availability on Tuesday. “We aren’t ready as a country to fully address the issues that may come up as a consequence of this.”

Pallister said domestic issues aren’t the only ones that need resolving. He suggested there are also questions on how Canada will interact with its largest trading partner, the United States, where only a handful of states have legalized marijuana use.

“Better co-ordination among the provinces will be helpful in respect of getting at a lot of these issues.”

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said her government is consulting the public as her province prepares to meet the July 1 deadline, but she hasn’t ruled out asking for an extension.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne and Stephen McNeil of Nova Scotia said they are also working to be ready by July 1.

McNeil said rules needs to be uniform across the country, particularly in Atlantic Canada and especially around the minimum age.

“I’ve said all along I believe 19 (as a minimum age) makes sense,” he said.


  1. Here’s some more food for thought folks, pertaining to the notorious wynne liberals: A poll indicates that one-third, that’s 1 in 3, small and medium Ontario businesses are considering selling, moving to the U.S. or closing shop in response to provincial government plans to hike the minimum wage to $15 an hour, a Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CIFB) poll of its members revealed.
    If this comes to fruition, what do you think that result in lost jobs in this once proud province ???

  2. The meeting of the intellectuals ??? The only Premiers that have an ounce of sense in this group are the Premiers from Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Premiers Brad Wall and Brian Pallister are the only ones that have the intelligence and the common sense to know what’s best for their respective Provinces and all Canadians. As for justin and the rest in this group, especially wynne, ……………………well, all I can say is God help us all, going forward.
    premiers like notely, wynne and pm justin are so busy consulting with the public that they forget they were voted in to make those tough, intelligent decisions. Well, you can forget about the intelligence when it comes to these 3. Then, you’ve got the new ndp premier from B.C. Now there’s a real piece of work. Good luck to all the citizens of B.C.

    • I’ll bring you some brownies on July 1, 2018 and we can talk what makes Francis J. Fata tick. I mean, besides your concern about fronting this alleged conservative identity that you must defend online for… reasons? Let’s get the tax money from pot sales, cut spending on going after small-time smokers and stop taxing people and businesses so much on April 30th. Actual conservative ideas, you know?

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