Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Back on Sunday


That is what music lovers were begging for at the 2017 Rotaryfest on Thursday.  The new look Algorhythms opened up this year’s event to an audience of wet , empty seats.  But like troopers going off to war, they braved the terrible weather, the empty seats, and the challenge no musician wants to endure.

The Algorhythms have added the female touch this year with Kelly McGillivray taking over some of the vocals and rhythm guitar duties and have hit a new dimension to their style.  As the band played on, so to speak, the people started to arrive and filled the now dry chairs, thanks to the Rotaryfest volunteers.

The Flathead Ford Band took over the stage at seven and upped the tempo a bit with songs from Elvis to Chuck Berry and The Beach Boys.  This three piece band really enjoys performing, even to empty seats.  They just love music.

Jeff McNeice and his ensemble took to the stage at eight and as only they could , played and sang songs from a never ending list of Neil Diamond hits.  The crowd got larger and larger and the bands played on.

Crossroads was next and they performed a mix of country and Blue Grass tunes while the seats were being filled and the rain began to subside.

Encore, a familiar band of musicians with a new name, capped the night to a satisfied bunch of music lovers that will return on Friday at 5 o’clock, come rain or come shine.

More on Rotaryfest Night 1 in the gallery!


  1. FYI, at the Main Stage the band has no control over the sound you hear in the seats. That is set by the sound man in the mixing booth behind where you are sitting.

  2. Carl, are you serious? Outdoor family-orientated concerts are indeed sensitive to overall volume limits. Maybe you should refrain from attending or.. Just back up from the stage. Sheesh….

  3. Why do bands play so loud that they give people massive headaches?
    I heard several comments about this as people were leaving after 10 minutes of getting their ears blasted off. There is no pleasure in this. Turn it down about 40% on the volume and bass, let people hear themselves think, for a change. Louder is not better.

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