SESQUI Dome Tour. Explore Canada through free film ‘HORIZON 360’

Inside the SESQUI Dome. July 16,2017.

MP Terry Sheehan summed up the SESQUI film ‘Horizon 360’ perfectly. “The sense of pride one feels while watching the film – the sense of awe for our Country – It’s diversity – The powerful landscapes that make up Canada  – The film leaves you with an immense appreciation of Canada and at times – breathless.”

Superior Media caught up with MP Sheehan at the north-east parking lot area of the Station Mall where the SESQUI Dome Tour got underway in Sault Ste. Marie Sunday, July 16,2017.

MP Terry Sheehan with Derek Hoffman – SESQUI Dome Tour Volunteer Coordinator. July 16,2017.

‘HORIZON 360’  is SESQUI’s (Ontario 150 Sesquicentennial) marquee hemispherical film. The 20-minute film is a soaring visual symphony that places viewers in the centre of the action during an inspiring showcase of Canadian creative expression that unfolds from coast to coast to coast. HORIZON takes its audience on a revealing expedition from the highest peaks to the deepest seas, and through all ten provinces and three territories. Drawing upon artistic inspiration from across our country’s rich cultural mosaic, the film features traditional and contemporary creative works set in the unforgettable urban and natural landscapes of our diverse nation.

Sault Ste. Marie tour stop for SESQUI Dome. July 16,2017

The SESQUI film ‘Horizon’ will be in The Sault until July 20th and is 100% free.  Sitting comfortably in the centre of the dome, a person will be lifted into places and spaces in Canada in a way that only film can provide. Powered by cutting-edge technology, SESQUI offers a revolutionary 360° cinematic experience marking Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

SESQUI Dome Tour in Sault Ste. Marie. Derek Hoffman – Volunteer Coordinator with crowd waiting to get into the SESQUI Dome. July 16,2017

“Canadians are among the proudest people in the world. Canada is a leader in the world in exemplifying diversity and inclusion.” shared MP Sheehan. “As we continue to celebrate Canada 150 – and remind ourselves about what a special place Canada is – this beautiful mosaic we call home – we continue to look at relationship building with First Nation peoples – And how to make the next 150 years even better.”

Horizon 360 Official Trailer

‘The cutting edge cinematic dome will offer audiences of all ages a true 360° immersive experience of the 22-minute film HORIZON, with scenes shot in every province and territory, showcasing Canada’s awe-inspiring landscapes, diversity of perspectives, artistic talents and the people that call Canada home.  The film features over 380 on-screen performers and a soundtrack of both original and contemporary Canadian music.

Designed to inspire and captivate, HORIZON is a visually stunning journey through Canada that will amplify the senses, giving audiences a front row seat to the wonders of our country. Participants will take a ride on an illuminated dragon boat on the Rideau Canal and be enveloped by the spectacular Northern Lights, among 90 other breathtaking scenes.’

In partnership with the province through Ontario150, the SESQUI  Dome began travelling in June to six communities across Ontario until August, 2017. The Dome is moved from community to community in two large tractor trailers, and was backed by a 10.5 million dollar budget from the ‘Canada 150’ fund.

Andrea Stewart and Joanne Loton are the SESQUI Executive Producers. Saultonline spoke with Andrea Stewart outside the SESQUI Dome.

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  1. I wouldn’t say breathless but it was fairly well done for such a small venue, although the dome needs to be air conditioned as it was pretty hot and stuffy in there. Screaming infants didn’t add any pleasure to the show, leave them home next time!

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