So much rain


This morning, I woke up to the sound of more rain. Our new place has a steel chimney pipe running through all levels of the house and I can hear the water pinging against the pipe, when I wake up. I actually couldn’t believe it was still raining.

Just for fun, I googled ‘so much rain’, to see what the deal is with all of these wet days. I am not a fan of checking the weather because I don’t want to plan my life around what is happening outside. Since we have absolutely no control over the weather, what is the point of stressing?

With this many days, though, of rain, I wanted to know if we were the only ones. With the google search came the information that rain, throughout many parts of Canada and the US has been relentless for the last few months. It makes me feel a little less sorry for us and a bit more concerned about what might be happening to our planet.

Joking the other day that we might need to get on building an ark I have since discovered that there is a $90 million dollar replica of Noah’s Ark under construction at a Kentucky amusement park. Since it is apparently the largest timber-framed building in the world, I just may need to add that to my bucket list.

All this rain has unfortunately reminded me of long winters we have endured, in our neck of the woods. Weather that is lacking in sunshine, especially, can make us depressed, sad, frustrated, and down. Sunshine is what we look forward to, during a few weeks of the year that we actually have a normal summer and so far, all this rain has even caused mosquitos and black flies to linger.

Now, even if we wanted to sit outside, under our porch, we get chewed to pieces, by the bugs. I guess we can’t win. So, what do we do about it? How do we possibly deal with this string of days where rain continues to fill our days?

I began to imagine that we lived in the rain forest. That is exactly how it feels, living among a ton of trees. I simply expect the rain, day after day, and that way, when it is sunny, for even a few minutes, I rush outside to take photos, after drenching myself in bug spray or long, protective clothes.

Since we cancelled our home television and Internet subscription thinking that we would be too busy to sit around this summer, we now pick up $3 or $5 movies, to add to our collection. We realize that having to decide on a movie to watch together, instead of turning on mindless television shows, has been much more enjoyable and has provided conscious awareness of what we feed into our mind.

I also haven’t watched the news, once, in over a month, and my mind is much more decluttered. I have been able to concentrate on all of the exciting projects that we have on the go, without feeding in a lot of garbage and distraction. Now, the only Internet I have is on my cell phone, so I am having to monitor how often I search online. It is quite eye opening, actually, and continuing to up my data plan each week is concerned to me.

Reading, snuggling, napping, catching up on laundry, cleaning, organizing and doing indoor projects, will have to do, between working, for now. If I just plan for this, I figure I will be less down about the weather. When it is nice and we are off, we will go for a motorcycle ride, take a drive, find something to take photos of, sit outside on our new dock, enjoy the porch overlooking the water, pick away at large projects, swim, kayak or relax, with absolutely no plan at all.

Our expectations of summer should be may need to be adjusted or else we may spend the whole summer miserable. As much as I would prefer sunshine all the time, expecting otherwise, may just be the key to being less bitter. I am now going to expect rain and celebrate every time the sun does come out. I don’t want to miss, even a second of it.

Despite the weather, I will still be thankful for all of the things that we have to be grateful for. Many people are dealing with much more serious issues, at this very minute, than too much rain. If that is the least of my life issues right now, I feel blessed.

On that note, I think I just saw the sun trying to burn its way through the clouds. It is time for me to get ready for it, just in case…