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As we embark on our Canada 150 celebrations, we must also celebrate community members such as Al Bjornaa, the organizer of the art installation piece which he has curated in order to celebrate the medium of various forms of street art and artists.

Local artist, Al Bjornaa of ‘Totally Pasted’ art installation came up with the idea to have artists send him various forms of street art to be displayed on a 40 ft. wall of plywood using wheat paste. The wall exhibited at St. Vincent’s Place, Men’s Shelter depicts the work of 190 various sticker, collage and street artists which have contributed pieces from a total of 19 countries. Bjornaa mentioned a couple of highlighted favourites displayed on the installation consist of, artist ‘Tune’ from Germany and ‘City Kitty’ from New York.

Al’s expresses to media, ‘I had an idea to build a wall to inspire local kids, show them some street art, and that art can be a viable option for them’. While indulging in this project he also has the goal of raising funds for a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing emergency shelter for men over the age of 18. Bjornaa will be auctioning approximately 80 pieces of 4 x 8 particle boards of the art in late August-early September with the proceeds given to St. Vincent, Men’s Shelter here in Sault Ste. Marie. He hopes to raise $2000.00, which would be an outstanding outcome, proving the power, opportunity, and unity of art.

Bjornaa relays the nature of art is always evolving and his love for the temporary medium in which the art holds. It is remarkable to have countless artists coming together for a small northern community charity, in which they may not have much knowledge on, but still selflessly participate. Bjornaa acknowledges when regarding the artists, ‘They don’t make money from this, it’s a beautiful thing -the artists don’t expect anything in return’.

The organizer encourages community members to visit the art installation to add any personal art, as he would like to add another 20 ft. to the project over the summer months. Al will be displaying the installation in Batchawana Bay at his acoustic record shop after Canada Day celebrations have come to a close. The display can also be visited later this summer at ‘Art on the Bay’ event held at the Voyageurs’ Lodge & Cookhouse located in Batchawana Bay on August 19th from 11a.m.-4 p.m.

Al Bjornaas work can be found on his Instagram page, at: totallypasted and his website:


  1. The guy is a compulsive liar and so full of shit. He made a tape to raise profits for a friend who had recently been confined to a wheelchair during ill health. I helped him get artists together for the project. He pocketed all the cash himself. My friend who the money was going to knew nothing about it.

  2. Unfortunately particle board that gets wet swells up, delaminates and falls apart, plywood might of had a chance. By the time you are ready to auction them off they may be just a pile of wood chips.
    Did you think of this?

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