Wet weather keeps crowds away


Blame it on the rain. The Downtown just can’t get a break. Persistent drizzle started off the 2017 Downtown Street Party Thursday night.

The drizzle did come to an end about 90 minutes after the 6pm start to the annual party downtown where you’d find a number of entertainment venues , booths, games and sidewalk sales along Queen street from Pim to Dennis street.

The damp start led to sparse crowds for both the Downtown Street Party and the first day of Rotaryfest. Weather forecasts calls for more spotty showers and drizzle through Friday evening before the sun returns Saturday for the annual Rotaryfest Community Day Parade.

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  1. Louder is better. Pretty sure the seniors can rest after 11PM. 2 stages and you couldn’t be happy at either one? Maybe it’s not the music that’s the problem…Some people are only happy if they’re complaining. Doesn’t matter what the complaint is, as long as there’s something to complain about…

  2. A big thanks should be given to all the businesses that took part in last night’s event, it was great effort put out by all! The pictures don’t do justice to the crowd that continued to come out later in the evening, it was impressive to see the support that people showed even with the dreary weather. Obviously, as per the below comment, not all people can be pleased with the events that are put on but we need to embrace these events and give positive feedback rather than complain or these events will continue to get cancelled and/or dwindle in business and volunteer participation. If anything, events like that one should become more common than just one evening in the summer, it was a treat to have the chance to walk around our downtown in the evening without everything closed. Thanks again DTA!

    • I totally agree with the above comment. Craig, if you had of taken pictures at 8pm, the streets were packed. All in all the event had a great turn out, far better then the midnight madness events, etc. that are put on.

  3. The weather and the ridiculously loud music that there is no pleasure in trying to listen to as you develop a
    massive headache. I heard several comments about this as people were leaving after a very short time.
    I don’t understand the mentally that louder is better, it just annoys people and drives them away.
    Turn it down about 40% on the volume and bass so people can hear themselves think and maybe enjoy it for a change.

    • These people you heard complaining are right, when the seniors 2 blocks away are complaining about the racket right through their apartment walls it’s definitely far too loud!

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