Algoma Issues Call for Production Workers


Essar Steel Algoma Inc., doing business as ‘Algoma’, is currently recruiting for 63 production positions. Advertised on the company’s website today, these roles range from general labour duties, to the receipt of raw materials and shipment of product, to
production operations.

Jim Rennie, Vice President Human Resources commented on the announcement, “People talk about a lack of jobs for our youth. The fact is we have hired 270 people in the last 18 months into salaried, trades and production positions. These are good, full time career opportunities at very competitive wages. These are the kinds of jobs that support families and build communities.”

Mr. Rennie went on to say, “We have 700 employees eligible to retire today. As these people transition into retirement there is a positive net new economic impact in our community – one collecting a pension, another collecting a salary. We may not be growing our headcount, but our demographics are shifting and this means opportunity for those seeking both entry level and midcareer jobs.”
To qualify for a production position, candidates must have their grade 12 diploma or equivalent and be able to satisfy all necessary pre-employment testing. Preference is given to those with a related post-secondary diploma or degree, an AZ or DZ license, and/or relevant industrial work experience. Additional criteria are outlined in the job posting on the company website. Qualified candidates are invited to send their resume to [email protected] before September 30, 2017.


  1. What is the problem with the staff and employees owning the place? Seems they could no worse than those who went before them. It can and has been done in the past, why not here and now?

  2. The public at large would sure like to know what in the hell is going on with this circus and if it is ever going to get new owners, owners not associated with the thieving Essar brand.

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