Bennett-West Davignon Diversion Channel. A 2017 Priority Project for SSMRCA

Bennett-West Davignon Diversion Channel. SSMRCA field staff have been clearing overgrowth from channel since early June 2017. Jamie Eaton and John Allard have tackled the stretch of the diversion channel from Second Line to Allen Side Road. (July 24,2017)

Rhonda Bateman, Sault Ste, Marie & Region Conservation Authority’s General Manager recently met with Superior Media to share an update on a story we brought readers in October 2016.

The Bennett-West Davignon flood control channel was causing concern for residents living in the immediate vicinity of the flood control channel along Brookfield Ave.  Overgrowth had taken over the channel and flooding concerns were creating anxiety for residents.

At that time, SSMRCA’s Rhonda Bateman told Saultonline – “Our work plan for next field season (2017) includes this area of concern. The work was supposed to have been part of the 2016 work plan, but when we got the Dam Safety Review back from the Engineers, our focus had to shift to the Fort Creek area.”

Bateman met with Superior Media at a stretch along the Bennett-West Davignon Creek floodway where Wallace Terrace goes over the channel at Brookfield Ave.

SSMRCA Field Supervisor- Jamie Eaton. Working with the Excavator purchased in 2014 by the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Bennett-West Davignon Diversion Channel. July 31,2017

Jamie Eaton, SSMRCA field supervisor and SSMRCA field staff John Allard have been working since early June at cleaning up the overgrowth. Bateman told saultonline that the Bennett-West Davignon Creek floodway is a priority project for 2017. Some of the work had already been started in 2016 – especially in the area just south of 2nd Line.

Residents Superior Media spoke, who live along Brookfield Ave, are very pleased with the progress that SSMRCA is making on the Floodway.

Bennett-West Davignon Diversion Channel – looking west towards Allen Side Road. SSMRCA Field Staff have been clearing overgrowth since early June as part of the 2017 field work priority list.(photo taken July 24,2017)

‘The Bennett-West Davignon diversion channel was completed in 1979 and is 6.5km in length. The drainage basin originates in a large marshy area in the north western part of Sault Ste. Marie and the headwaters of the West Davignon Creek are in the Allard Lake area. This project was intended to minimize flooding west of Goulais Avenue between Third Line and the St. Marys River. The Bennett-West Davignon flood control channel diverts water from the Bennett Creek to the West Davignon and then along Brookfield Road, across Wallace Terrace and Allen’s Side Road, into the Leigh’s Bay Creek and subsequently into the St. Marys River.’