Defend Our Castle. Residents at River Valley Park speak out about impending closure

Geoff and Jan Good - Outside their home at River Valley Park. They stand to lose everything if River Valley Park closes Aug.31,2017.

With August 31st, 2017 a mere 10 days away, several residents at River Valley Park came together to speak out about the impending Park closure that threatens their lives.

SaultOnline was at River Valley Park office on Friday evening, Aug. 18, 2017.

“Everything is at stake.” stated Lena Dubois – one of over 30 residents who stand to lose their home and investment should River Valley Mobile Home Park close on August 31,2017.


SaultOnline will have more on this story later today.

River Valley Park – Notice posted on MailBox area near entrance to Park.


  1. Sounds like the health unit is hell bent on shutting this park down as soon as possible.
    Where is the MP to save the day? haven’t heard a peep out of him on this ongoing nightmare.

    • Cole – thank you for your comment – I’m working on pulling together information as requests for information from a variety of professional organizations are returned – I was premature in time-line – and can commit to update in the morning. Thank you – lynne b.

  2. Personally,I think the province should do the necessary repairs and send the bill to the owner and let it sort itself out in the end.. I too, know this park had a major sewage problem for years as I was once going to buy a trailer there and backed off when I heard about it…

    • That would not be a wise move with our tax dollars @ $400,000-$500,000 replacement cost, far more than the park is worth.
      The owner would just declare bankruptcy if faced with a bill like that.

  3. There is zero doubt in my mind that the former owners of Shetland Park pulled some strings to temporarily have this problem masked so the sale could go through. There had been issues with this little understood septic system for decades. If would not have been feasible for them to repair it and go hundreds of thousands in the hole. Something smells rotten here besides the septic system.

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