Former Sault Fire Chief Back In Court September 18

Fire Chief Mike Figliola Image courtesy Shaw TV

Former Sault Ste. Marie Fire Chief, Mike Figliola didn’t appear in court Monday morning for his first appearance, instead he was represented by his lawyer who requested to the court that the matter return in mid September.

Figliola is facing charges of fraud, uttering a forged document and breach of trust by a public official.

Figliola was charged by the OPP in early August, just months after parting ways with the city and his new position of Fire Chief that he was hired for just over a year ago.

Figliola was fired in May of this year.

Figliola, 58 who lives in Huron Shores caused a riff with the Sault Firefighters Association when a three year realignment plan was introduced calling for a reduction in the number of firefighters.    That riff spread throughout the community and put a wedge between the fire association the the city administration for over a year.



Both the corporation of the city of Sault Ste. Marie nor the  Firefighters’ Association have said they did not ask police to conduct the investigation.


  1. The sad part is the mayor and several councilors(Christian, Myers, Shoemaker and Hupponen) knew of all this and more…..
    When Shoemaker was asked if he would consider a resolution to ax the chief if the chief was criminally charged – his response was: “I’d have to think about that one”.
    Cutting a quarter of front line staff, then going over a million dollars over budget – great job council, can’t wait till next election!!!

  2. One has to wonder, just what tax dollars the city doled out to pay this guy to leave, and how they justify such payment. But the bigger wonder is, who was minding the store when this gent did whatever he did to get charged? Is no one looking after the best interest of SSM taxpayers? I know people are innocent until proven guilty, however, this all has a stench to it. If the City, who’s responsibility it is to protect the best interests of the taxpayers, didn’t initiate the charges, just what information could the OPP have been supplied to justify the present litigation? We can only hope that transparency will show one day, from a council that was elected on just that. Transparency has been preached since this council took office. Still waiting……… 2018 Election can’t come soon enough.

  3. Well…I guess we can hardly wait to see what kind of defence he might have. Perhaps it will be revealed through this process just what the heck he received from the city that is so hush hush. Taxpayers have a right to know how their money was handed out.

    • So he was in fact fired, canned, axed, the city was tippy toeing around that issue wanting to just say that they “had parted company”.
      The public has a right to know about everything to do with their tax dollars being handed out no matter who it might be on the receiving end.

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