Letter: Enough Already!

letter to the editor

Someone needs to take Justin Trudeau’s cheque book away. The Liberal spending has become an incredible burden to future Canadians.

The Liberals spending $38 million on a diversity park in Winnipeg, millions to the Clinton Foundation, bail out money to Bombardier, countless countries climate control, it’s out of hand. Canadian tax dollars should be spent first at home to ensure WE have the best life possible. Our elderly need better funding, our healthcare needs spending not cuts like the Ontario Liberals, and Autistic children need the proven programs that work and help to be there at ALL ages. Justin and his Liberals have spent so much on foreign projects but leave us wanting at home, Canadians should come first, our taxpayers deserve better treatment.

The most disturbing tax dollar distribution is the ten and a half million Omar Kadhr received with an apology. We now pay terrorists to be……..well terrorists. I understand that each and every government, both Conservative and Liberal have been scrutinized for their spending, and rightly so, it’s good to keep a watchful eye. The problem is that with this Liberal government spending, the future burden to taxpayers is going to be immense. How is this debt going to be repaid, well it’s increased taxes, it’s less funding to programs, it’s tightening of the belt on all things. Who pays for Justin Trudeau’s mismanagement of his governments accountabilities, well that folks would be us. It will take a lot of time and cost saving measures to redirect the negative cash flow, to become financially stable after.

If Justin wants to spend so much money, at least spend it on making Canada a better, safer, more productive place to live. We deserve more sound accountability on our tax dollars, we work hard enough for those taxes, we give up money we could use for our own families.

If we work hard to donate the money the least you could do Justin is work hard to spend it wisely. In the next election I hope voters take a very close look at what we have received in Justin’s term, and what it’s cost us, now and in the near future. I can assure you, it’s not worth it.

Lyle Bailey


  1. I agree that some foreign spending is necessary. But the amount should come after our national needs, not in place of. Elderly, Autistic, Multi needs programs healthcare, travel grants for out of town Dr. appointments are much more important than the Clinton Foundation, or $2.65 billion for poor countries to fight climate control. Pretty hard to tell families there’s no money for healthcare when we give billions away. Canada comes first in my opinion, and so do the Canadians that work for those tax dollars.

  2. We all live on the same planet… Foreign diplomacy and support shows that we care for humanity and not solely selfish and part of what makes me proud to be a Canadian.
    Yes all the areas that were mentioned do need more funding, no question about it. But often I’m shocked to see how many people complain about how “how rough it is” here and while yes it’s not perfect, because no place or system is, it’s what we have to work with. The only way, we the people, can make a change is to get out there and get involved. Too many people I’ve talked with don’t even vote nevermind go to counsel meetings or know what’s happening right in their own community. And your involvement doesn’t have to be limited to politics… Go volunteer at the hospital, humane society, or whatever part of society you take most pride in or where you figure you can put your talents to good use.

    But the biggest thing, in this capital based society, that can help is of course increasing taxes. Nobody likes to do it or pay it but are sure first to complain when funding is cut… Yes I agree there is some miss management of funds but as stated that’s with every person voted into office, not that it’s right, just it’s a fact

    • See… volunteering is just another way of saying free labour. Labour that could potentially be transformed into a paying job. We are tired of working for free. We are tired of living paycheque to paycheque. “Mismanagement of funds”…. $200,000 for a floating duck is not mismanagement, it’s flushing it down the crapper on something that WE DON’T EVEN OWN! Myself, I work two jobs just to keep ahead of the bills and rent at 80-100 hrs a week. Is that living? Am I living the dream? Will that give me something to retire with, a house and dog and white picket fence? Sadly, the answer is no, and the reality of it is that I am not the only one who thinks the same.

  3. Myself along with many baby boomers are still working and cannot afford to retire, we have homeless, medical being cut, money spent foolishly , a damn duck!! I agree, put the money where it is needed first and left over help save the world, BUT CANADA AND OUR CITIZENS come first and foremost.

  4. The American Empire is showing it true colors. Labeling anyone who they feel are bad as terrorists to do unspeakable thinks to. I am happy that the Trudeau government has acknowledged the wrong.

  5. Carl and Lyle; words spoken by true blood conservatives…LOL.. Any party that gets in spends, it’s the nature of the beast… Harper sat on the economy like it was his own wallet and put us so far behind it’s not funny…There’s a man that warms your heart, not only couldn’t accept defeat gracefully with a handshake like most do, but he quit his seat rather than be OPPOSITION… What a crock he was, and is, currently taking cheap shots from the shadows.. While i do not agree at all with the Kadr payout, all of our illustrious leaders have done similar crap so get over it and move on.. Life is a trip and we only get a short run at it.. Don’t take it, or yourselves, so damn serious… You can bet not too many others are…..LOLOL..

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