Marking a milestone


On Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, Soo Minor Baseball Association kicked off it’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations by unveiling the updated entrance sign at Sinclair Yards.

Free peanuts, beverages and hot dogs were on hand for the dignitaries, volunteers, players and spectators who were at the fields for SMBA’s Playoffs Week.

In attendance for the unveiling ceremony was SMBA President Mike Lebel, Executive Members Graham Newman, Scott Riley, Kevin Lamour and Adam Carricato, former Umpire-In Chief Walter Hapanovich, and former City of Sault Ste. Marie Mayor and CAO Joseph Fratesi. Mayor Fratesi and city council at the time of his Mayorship were instrumental in allowing the construction of Sinclair Yards to begin.

SMBA President Mike Lebel gave a short speech highlighting the struggles and successes on starting the grand project that built Sinclair Yards back in 1993 and how the community came together with funds and services to ensure that the association was able to secure a Wintario grant that was needed to complete the project. Lebel also proudly explained that the fields were ready to host a very well-received Provincial Championship in it’s inaugural season.

The sign unveiling was the first part of a much bigger plan for major fundraising during our 25th season that will go towards important field upgrades and maintenance starting this autumn and continuing into next year.

Sinclair Yards is located on Black Road in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, just north of Second Line. It is home to the Soo Minor Baseball Association, of which is operated and solely taken care of by SMBA. There are a total of 7 fields where Soo Minor Baseball offers recreational and competitive baseball games in Intro-to-T-Ball, T-Ball, Rookie Ball, Mosquito, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget throughout the summer.

It has a 75’ x 75’ complex with facilities including indoor washrooms, concession stand, pop machines, covered picnic table area, a conference room, locker room, umpires change room, and an office.

At the entrance of the field stands the World’s Largest Baseball at over 2000 times the size of a real baseball.

SMBA would like to thank Graham Newman for all his hard work getting the sign cleaned up and updated and for organizing the event that brought in the dignitaries and media for the unveiling ceremony. His hard work since the beginning of the season has lead to this kick-off of the 25th Anniversary. His work with the commemorative pin fundraising project is also greatly appreciated.