Measles case detected in Toronto


TORONTO – Public health officials in Toronto are dealing with a case of the measles and they’re focusing on a British Airways flight on Aug. 19.

Toronto Public Health says it’s possible passengers on a London to Toronto British Airways flight BA0099 were exposed to the measles.

They also say there could have been exposure at Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal Three as well as a local bar, Tennessee Tavern, on the same date and into Aug. 20.

Officials also say there could have been exposure for patients in part of St Joseph’s Health Centre Emergency Department from Aug. 22 to Aug. 24.

Public health is advising people who may have been expose to check to see if their measles vaccination is up to date and to watch for symptoms including fever, cold-like symptoms and sore eyes.

This isn’t the first time this year that public health officials had to do some detective work because of measles cases involving flights.

There was a similar warning from Toronto Public Health last March and one involving a Vancouver to Edmonton flight in February.