Northern Ontario Businesses Struggle with Little Help from MPPs


Over the last few months, the Northern Ontario Party has been approached by desperate business owners looking for any kind of assistance with their outrageous hydro bills. One such business owner is Roslyn Taylor who operates Taylor’s sawmill on Manitoulin Island. Roslyn, recently posted on Facebook her hydro bill for the month of July. It was nearly $4000.00 and this was a month where her main saw was down and her company’s production was low. So, you would expect the company’s power bill to be reasonable. But here is what the Taylor’s hydro bill looked like

Taylor Sawmill’s hydro bill…

Actual usage $840.23 <<<<

Regulatory charge $39.90
DELIVERY $ 2,809.77 !!!
HST $488.20
Credit 8% Rebate – $300.43


This is almost $3000 in delivery fees and another $550.00 in taxes and debt charges. How are Northern businesses expected to stay operating with outrageous service charges imposed upon them like the ones recorded above. Roslyn explained her hydro bill two years ago was $4500 during peak production, now her bill is over $6000.00 during the same period. This has taken a toll on her employees as well, the company once supported 20 employees but since her hydro costs have soared she had no choice but to lower her payroll to 12 employees.

Roslyn has reached out to Mike Mantha , The MPP for Algoma -Manitoulin for assistance and even gave Mr. Mantha a tour of her business. Roslyn stated on her Facebook page that (Mr. Mantha)Seemed concerned but nope didn’t help at all. Left it in Hydro One’s hands…. and there was nothing they could do (or willing to do) for us.

Roslyn’s frustration with the lack of help from her MPP is shared by others in the Algoma riding. Tommy Lee, the Northern Ontario Party’s vice president and Algoma hopeful was in a very similar situation himself.

Mr. Lee states he can relate with Roslyn, when he reached out for assistance from Mr. Mantha about his gas station he operated in Heyden and the TSSA issues they were facing.  All Tommy Lee received was a response letter written by Mr. Buck, Mike Mantha’s office assistant.

Tommy states “I never heard a thing from Mike Mantha. We were shut down shortly thereafter. This was the catalyst as to why I’m politically active now and why I have since joined the Northern Ontario Party”

Mr. Mantha, in fairness did respond to Roslyn’s Facebook posts by stating the following

Roslyn Taylor … I certainly wish I could do more Roslyn but with ongoing privatization of our Hydro we will continue to see rising costs until we get a change of priorities. I hear your frustration loud and clear!!!

And in another post Mr. Mantha, stated but the change that many expect isn’t going to happen until June 7, 2018 that’s a fact.

The Northern Ontario Party does not agree with this approach too commonly taken by politicians and local MPPs and their belief that they are not in power there is nothing they can do. This is not just an Algoma issue but an issue shared among all Northern ridings, this is why it has taken so long to deal with serious issues that have plague the North, such as the crisis in Grassy Narrows, where their citizens had to endure mercury in their drinking water for far too long.

The Northern Ontario Party believes MPPs, are elected to represent their constituents and for Northern Ontario businesses to survive we need to have active politicians, who are going to fight tooth and nail for them.

The NOP Party Leader, Trevor Holliday states That The time for action is now, not tomorrow, the North can not afford to lose another business, if that means standing shoulder to shoulder with hydro one protesters on a picket line, going to the media with specific concerns or yelling from a soap box to support our northern businesses, the Northern Ontario Party will do it. One thing we will not do is use the excuse there is nothing we can do till the election.

The Northern Ontario Party would like to thank all business owners who struggle on a daily basis to help supply high paying, meaningful jobs to so many in the North; Your struggle has helped to keep the North alive. We also like to thank the grassroot Facebook groups such as Hydro One Enough is Enough and Take Back Your Power Ontario who have fought so hard over the last year to help reduce electricity rates for everyone. Your help has made many lives a little brighter.


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