Ten-millionth call recorded !


The five Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Provincial Communications Centres (PCC) receive incoming emergency calls from the public, collect sufficient information and dispatch calls to the appropriate officers. This week, one Communicator at PCC North Bay will answer its ten-millionth call for service.

Communicators are most often the first point of contact when police, fire or medical assistance is required. These skilled individuals are trained to handle highly charged situations – dealing with a full range of human emotion. By responding calmly to distressed callers, communicators are able to extract crucial information that saves seconds in an emergency situation. They provide a crucial link from those in need of assistance to the emergency personnel who respond to their call.

Our communicators are a fundamental component of the organization that supports the

OPP in meeting its mandate – maintaining public safety and security for Ontario.

PCC North Bay provides service and support to OPP North East Region as well as 102 Central Emergency Reporting Bureau (CERB) contract locations, two Radio Watch clients and many Indigenous communities.

“Each day our communicators respond to a wide array of calls for service. Many of the calls deal with people in crisis requiring a timely and compassionate response. Our highly trained communicators work hand in hand with emergency service partners to ensure the safety and security of all citizens. Reaching our ten-millionth call is a significant milestone however the daily work of responding to the calls for assistance is what is most important to our communicators. “said, Ontario Provincial Police Inspector Laura Houliston- PCC North Bay.

Find out more on becoming a Provincial Communication Centres communicator including job qualifications and how to apply on the OPP’s website www.opp.ca under the Careers section.