Guest Article: How do you want to be remembered?


The following is a guest article by Nancy Gee. Thanks Nancy!

Have you ever been asked by a friend to complete a task? A task that you believed would be difficult? A task that you believed could never be accomplished as well as your friend could do it? Did you ever feel overwhelmed simply by the very thought of tackling their request?

This recently happened to me and it gave me time to consider what was causing me to be so worried about the quality of my work that I would refuse to help a friend ? After all I had plenty of time. I looked forward to the challenge and deep down, I actually thought that I was quite able to meet the deadlines and do a satisfactory job. Besides, what would my friend think of me if I simply refused? Would I really want my friend to think of me as an uncooperative, lazy, self centred, uncaring human being? If one thought that about me now, would one think that about me when I’m dead? Is that how I’d want to be remembered when my days are done?

While I seriously pondered this thought, I came to the conclusion that if it was important to me that I be viewed in a positive light by others then I had to take the steps now to make my wishes a reality. I then asked myself a simple question. What is my end goal and how will I get there?

I have met and spent time with many people in my life. Through this experience, there were those that I admired and others, well lets just say not so much.

Those that I admired seemed to display the same characteristics. These individuals displayed honesty, integrity, and respectfulness to all, regardless of other’s culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, financial worth or physical beauty. They had the ability to feel other’s pain and joy and to be genuinely caring about others. These individuals in my life had the ability to share their thoughts and opinions and to take a stand on matters that mattered to them. They admitted their wrong doings and set them right. They were ambitious, confident and had a great sense of humour -often laughing at their own idiosyncrasies. They changed their own behaviour when they knew it was needed. They were just simply easy to be around.

I believe that the steps needed are easy to achieve when considering how you want to be remembered. Maybe you are already there. Maybe you need to take some time to ponder your final goals in life before its too late. Maybe we all just need to think for a minute before we act. Personally I need to do some work in a few areas. Okay, maybe in a lot of areas. Just ask my friends and family members.

How do you want to be remembered? Will you get there?

Photo and artwork provided by Nancy….