I got nothing…


‘Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.’ ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am not sure who this Ralph guy is. I see him quoted all the time. I knew he was important in his own special way. So I looked him up. It turns out that Ralph Waldo Emerson was basically a writer and a speaker. Of the various topics that Wikipedia says that he addressed, there are two that stood out for me the most: ‘the ability for mankind to realize almost anything’ and ‘the relationship between the soul and the surrounding world’.

Of the array of dreams I had last night, three words that surfaced were spiders, snakes and my daughter. In one of the dreams, my daughter had two pet snakes. One was yellow and brown in colour and about four feet long, about the diameter of an average sized apple. The other was almost eight feet long, skinny and dark green, with red accents.

She had cages for both of them; with bars wide enough for the snake to get out. There was also a deep plastic lining on the bottom of the cages. The yellow snake stayed inside, without issue, until she let it out to play with it. The other was unruly and was always getting out of the cage. There I was, trying to have an afternoon nap on my bed and the snakes were slithering all over me.

I was agitated and angry about the snakes. In my dream I felt that I had been tolerating this for a long time, because they were her pets. I couldn’t figure out what the point of a cage was, if they could out and also why anyone would want to play with snakes. She was laughing and having fun with them and didn’t think it was a big deal. I was freaking out. It was in that moment that I realized I had control over the situation. I advised her that the snakes go or she had to go. In that moment, I gained my power back.

Just to clarify, my daughter has never owned a snake in her life, hates snakes and lives in her own home, so there is no basis in real life. Dreams; however, are generally symbols for things that are going on with us and the characters in our dream represent different versions of our selves. I would say that this dream represented me in my younger days and the snakes represented things that I didn’t like, but would tolerate. My interpretation is that I have progressed to become more assertive about what I need, through the years. This dream was probably triggered by looking through an old box of photos, yesterday.

The other dream I had, involved a human spider web where some guy, who I didn’t recognize, had a life-size spider web with people and animals that were tied up in the web, in some cave. It was creepy, dark and weird and reminds me that I shouldn’t take in movies that are even remotely scary. Two nights ago I watched, ‘The Happening’ and it must have had an effect. If you recall any of your dreams, they are usually a combination of what we are exposed to in the previous several days, things we have weighing on our mind or matters that are subconsciously lingering from our past. I find them fascinating and always like to tie in some reason for the dream, to apply to my day-to-day reality.

My decision to sometimes write in the morning, when I have been unable to get to my article beforehand, may add a new perspective to what I write about. I am fascinated by our dreams. They can often assist us in solving real life issues or provide some perspective about what our subconscious mind is attempting to make sense of. After sleeping (with spiders on my mind) I really wanted to talk about how nature and a web pretty much have all the answers we need in life: patience, hard work, creativity, using our gifts and long-term planning. I even captured this photo of a web the other morning, after I went kayaking. Instead, I focused on snakes.

Unfortunately, it is the best I can do for you today. This brain is out of steam. I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere: Don’t let snakes crawl all over your bed, evict the owner of the snakes, if they are causing a problem, don’t go near any creepy guys with a lot of rope or duct tape and simplify your life, by emulating the life of a fascinating spider. That’s all I’ve got. Have a great holiday weekend, get out and enjoy the pace of nature, stay safe and have fun!