Two For the Show Saturday September 30


No, Trooper isn’t coming to the Soo, but Firehouse and Dokken are !!!  No, they aren’t individually filling stadiums  but they are both quality entertainment and we have to support this show if we want to attract others. These days, both of these bands play to a primarily casino or small bar crowd but combined, I think they can fill a a good number of  seats at the Sault Ste Marie Events Centre (ESSAR). Remember both of these bands topped the top ten charts in the 80’s and 90’s with such hits as Alone Again, Just Got Lucky, Don’t Treat Me Bad, Love of a Lifetime and many more. I can guarantee you that you have heard their hits but just can’t put a name to the band. Combined, they probably have about 20 top 40 hits and 15 in the top ten range.

I have to admit that when I saw the advertising for this show I was taken aback. I mean, I was under the impression from some sources that it was too expensive to reach out and host these events with the way the dollar is. Having said that, Superior Entertainment is behind the promotion of this show and I don’t think they are affiliated with the City and our arena. It goes to show that an aggressive marketer can drum up business; it just takes some work, forward thinking and connections. Kudos go out to Superior for there foresight  and effort.


To make this show a success, there needs to be exhaustive advertising and a will of the people to not be passive and let this one slide by just because it’s not Garth Brooks or Van Halen. I mean, we are a small town with limited entertainment options and a Saturday night out on the town to see two quality bands is something to seize. I have complained and you have complained that since the days of a certain events manager, we have dried up as a entertainment host and I stand by that. Something in the interim has happened and I don’t care who the promoting agent is, we have to support any show if we want to attract more. I was previously told by a certain key figure in the industry that half the battle to getting entertainment to play your venue was the personal relationship between the promoter and the entertainments management. I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine. Quite often a band will play the same venue over and over even if the profit isn’t outrageous. The bottom line is the bands love playin and they love playing for their fans. It they are not losing money and they are in the middle of a 20 hour bus ride, it makes sense for them to stop in and play for their adoring fans and at the same time rest up in a quiet picturesque city.

Speaking of advertising, so far I have seen the show being promoted on the SSMEC digital board on the arena building and on Facebook. Facebook ?…..When did they start advertising ? (HEAVY SARCASM)  … I am not sure if Superior is advertising on the radio but I hope they are ; advertising and marketing are key in this industry as well as other factors. We need all the support we can get. This isn’t just about these two bands, this is about cementing a reputation of a city that will support entertainment like we did when my friend was in charge: He brought us Elton John, Motley Crue, INXS, John Mellencamp, Hilary Duff, KISS etc. We supported these bands and where are they now ? ?? As I said earlier,  a tight relationship between the promoter and the entertainer is key. During those days when the relationship was tight, our hotels, restaurants and spinoff retail industries profited and benefited from not only Saulites, but out of town guests. They came from  Michigan, Sudbury and other communities. This is the big picture my friends. 

As long as the tickets are sold, the band gets paid and they also make money from merchandise, they are happy. For a city, we make money from arena rentals and spinoff sales in restaurants, bars, hotels and everything and anything. That puts a lot of people to work and that has no downside. If you have ever gone to a Greyhound game, you’ll notice the downtown core is packed with consumers before and after the game. It’s all a triple down and domino effect in the retail industry.

The Soo is known as a last minute shopper when it comes to purchasing events tickets and that has to change for a couple reasons. Recently, Quiet Riot cancelled a show because there were not enough tickets sold and you can’t blame them. Who wants to bus to the middle or Canada for a show that fills only 180 seats. It makes no sense fiscally or morally. In the case of Dokken and Firehouse, they are both coming from Oregon and Connecticut respectively for the show in the Sault. If there are not enough tickets sold by a set date, there probably is a stipulation in the contract that they can cancel the show and that would be a shame.

The cost for the show is a measly $62  and if you look at all the things involved, it’s quite the steal. Think about it ; if you go see a show at Kewadin, you have to deal with customs, money exchange which is brutal right now, the 40 minute ride there and back depending on bridge traffic and the issue about drinking and driving. You don’t want to get caught impaired over there ( anywhere for that matter) .

By supporting the show here, you pay in Canadian dollars and keep the money local, you can take public transit to the show and can be home in 15 minutes after the show. Easy Peasy, and hassle free ! C’mon it’s a Saturday night…no excuse. Bring your wife or your wife and your girlfriend. Make it a date night.  

The bottom line in my opinion is for you to get your tickets now and share Facebook link and get your friends to go. The show is on a Saturday night and we need to show once again that we are on the map and are a fun city. Originally I was estimating that with two older smaller venue bands we might net about 2500 people if there was mass advertising, but I am now thinking that we could get 3800-4000 if we would be more proactive and get our tickets now rather than wait until the week of when excuses come into play. C’mon it’s not Journey or Bon Bovi, but these are hardworking bands who have top ten hits coming out of their Wazoos 😉 If you don’t believe me just YouTube both of these bands and you’ll be like : ” Colleen I didn’t know that Firehouse sang that song or Dokken sings this ?  I’ll order the tickets right now. You arrange the babysitter”.

In case you’re wondering,

Yes I’ve got my tickets

See you at the Show

Ernest Skinner

Ernest Skinner
Ernest Skinner was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie and attended Humber College after high school. He has a passion for other cultures and has traveled throughout Mexico and many South American countries.. He has written many articles over the years that deal with events happening here in Sault Ste. Marie. Reading about ancient civilizations, world politics, and mysteries of the unknown are also defining factors that are his general makeup. Outside of being serious, he has a bright sense of humor that was molded from shows like Seinfeld to The Simpsons. Ernest is a columnist