Wildflowers in Full Bloom at Mockingbird Hill Farm.

Lovely walk around Mockin'bird Hill Farm on August 5,2017.

Recently, Superior Media took a trip to Mockingbird Hill Farm and toured the pioneer farm – established in 1984 – with Farmer Bob.

The wildflowers are in full bloom – and the famous corn maze is open. The design this year for the maze is an homage to Canada 150.

Farmer Bob said “Kresin Engineering has designed a real beauty this year – using satellite coordinates and tree paint to mark the posts within the maze.” Here are six intricate designs within the maze. Farmer Bob told saultonline that folks have already started coming out to find their way into and out of the popular attraction. Country 104.3 is a sponsor for the Corn Maze.

Farmer Bob stated that Jeb the Horse prefers Country 104.3 as his go-to music station in the barn.

Nolan Bernardo – age 1 ½ years – and mom Ashley were out to the farm  the morning after three chicks were born to mama Hen.

A calf born at the farm was a week old.

Check out the video and pictures for a tour of Mockingbird Hill Farm – a real treasure located within Conservation Authority lands – on Landslide Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.