Are Sault Drivers Getting Hosed at the Pumps, Sure Looks That Way !


Gas prices go up and they come down. Unfortunately they never come down as quickly as they go up.

For the last several weeks Canadians have had to deal with higher prices thanks mainly to Hurricanes that hit Texas about a month ago. At the time we were all told that prices would go up due to the refineries being shut down as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

We all bought into that excuse.

So why then are the gas prices in Sault Ste. Marie still high, in fact they are the highest of all the major centres in Northern Ontario, including Sudbury, North Bay and Thunder Bay. The refineries have been back on line for two weeks.

Granted, prices locally have fallen by 7 cents from the high of $1.35 a litre two weeks ago.

A look at prices across the north and you can clearly see, Sault drivers are paying the most – while Sault Michigan drivers are paying much lower prices when converted in Canadian dollars, Sault Michigan drivers are enjoying prices around 87 cents a litre.

Here’s a list of prices in Northern Ontario and some southern Ontario so you can see just how much more we’re paying at the pumps.

As of Friday afternoon, Sault Ste. Marie prices are ranging from $1.24 to $1.25 a litre

SUDBURY Lowest price $1.16

NORTH BAY Lowest price $1.08

THUNDER BAY Lowest Price $1.03

TIMMINS Lowest Price $1.21

TORONTO Lowest Price $1.04

BARRIE Lowest Price $1.04

Prices courtesy GasBuddyOntario


  1. Always buy in Soo Mich… Always have, always will…
    Saving $40 to $50 just in fuel makes it all worth it, throw in all the other grocery savings, no brainer!
    They seem to have a hard time understanding that less is more here in Soo Ontario. Lower prices = More customers = More money… But whatever!

  2. Hard to feel good about supporting Canada when Canada isn’t giving buyers a fair deal. Funny, my vehicle runs great with the free upgrade to premium and still enough money left over for Applebees 1/2 price appetizers after 8…

  3. 38 cents a liter difference = $1.72 per gallon.
    That is legal robbery and all thanks to our wonderful corrupt government. You know what you have to do, people.

  4. 87 cents in Soo Michigan is quite an incentive to take a drive over the bridge. While there you can pick up a gallon of milk for 1.70 and eggs for 74 cents a dozen. Gouging will continue AS LONG AS ONE DEALER HAS THE MONOPOLY.

    • McGouger Fuels will never change, and neither will my habit of fueling up across the river and enjoying substantial further savings while I’m there.
      They also gouge seniors badly on fuel to heat their homes.
      You say shop Canadian? Quit screwing us and we would.

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