Bears now a daily problem says homeowner

Greenfield Bears

Greenfield BearsIt won’t be long before Black Bears in the area start their ritual hibernation over winter, but in the meantime, bears are looking for as much food as possible.

Seeing black bears in and around the Sault is quite common and one of the draws for bears is garbage and we humans produce a lot of it.

A viewer recently had a bear encounter in the Greenview Drive area.

“bears have been an issue since 2015 when the subdivision first started operating with residents” the resident, who didn’t want to be identified, told

On August 7th a resident had a close encounter with a bear when the bear bluff charged towards the resident while they were grabbing something from their vehicle.The city police were contacted and when the police arrived, 3 bears were spotted, one cub in a tree and 2 adult bears.

The problem seems to stem from a near by  dumpster that the gates don’t lock.

Residents on the street say bear encounters are now a daily problem.

“the MNR has attended the location and noticed there is a heavy presence of bears due to the amount of garbage that they have drug into the bush (as seen in photos)
Residents are constantly picking up garbage off of their front lawns and coming across these bears while disposing of their waste no matter what time of day it is”

The bears are not scared of any noise or movement  said the viewer, “even the traditional pots and pans, all have been used and literally the bears continue their plan of action”

The residents complain, that it is not only a safety concern because the bears come between people and their homes, and could easily be caught off guard when coming around a vehicle into your home but it is also a health concern due to the amount of garbage being spread around and the dumpster being so close to the residents windows and entry ways.


  1. Ahhh, and the fear mongering continues in every single state that has bears. Give me a break. It’s a problem with GARBAGE and PEOPLE who refuse to lock it up or put it out the morning of pickup, as usual. It’s like blaming a guy driving through a cheap fast food place for being hungry. REALLY?!

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