Campbell to Wynne: Stop blaming First Nations and twin Highway 17


QUEEN’S PARK—Today in question period, Kenora-Rainy River MPP Sarah Campbell demanded that the Wynne government stop blaming First Nations for delays, and finally act on the long-delayed twinning of Highway 17.

“Residents in Kenora-Rainy River were shocked last month when they learned that the long-delayed twinning of Highway 17 has been delayed yet again,” said Campbell. “Even more shocking is that instead of accepting responsibility for the delay, the minister of Northern Development blamed Shoal Lake #39 First Nation.”

While the Wynne government previously stated that the twinning of Highway 17 from the Manitoba border east to Kenora would be completed in 2020, the completion date is now set for ‘2021 and beyond.’ Campbell said people in the region are tired of being repeatedly let down by Wynne.

“The public accounts recently revealed that this government failed to spend $3.3 billion in budgeted infrastructure cash last year,” said Campbell. “In fact, this premier has spent nearly $4 billion less on infrastructure during her first four years than the previous premier spent during his last four years. This premier keeps playing political games with her infrastructure projects and promises, especially in the North. She’ll drop by to make big announcements, but when it’s time for action, she disappears.”

“When will the premier stop blaming First Nations for her own lack of action on the infrastructure file?” asked Campbell.