“I do not represent No Man’s Land” – Romano


The backlash over Liberal MPP Lou Rinaldi referring to Northern Ontario as “No Man’s Land” grew on Monday, with the Wynne Liberals flat-out refusing to heed calls by the PCs to apologize on his behalf. During the fiery exchange in Question Period, Rinaldi was called to order by Speaker Dave Levac, after he asked the PCs to “take it outside.”

“These views confirm what the Liberal Government thinks of us in the North. They took away our only passenger train, the North is hit harder with skyrocketing hydro rates, 80 per cent of our lumber mills shut down on your watch, we fell from the number one mining jurisdiction to 16th, and the Ring of Fire remains untouched for 10 years,” said MPP Vic Fedeli in Question Period today.

The questions come after North Bay Mayor Al McDonald took Rinaldi to task and called the comments a “kick in the teeth” for the region. The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association also weighed in, expressing disappointment.

“I do not represent ‘no man’s land’ – I represent the people of Sault Ste. Marie and as a proud Northerner I find these comments highly offensive and I know that the people of Northern Ontario share my outrage,” added Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano.


  1. All the more reason to rid ourselves of the Carpet baggers from Southern Ontario.We really need to elect The Northern Ontario Party candidates in the new Provincial Election.

    • The Liberals are up in the polls…likely due to the fact the Conservatives have not laid out a platform on how they will make things a little bit better. we all know there is no magic pill here to undue the damage the Liberals have done…but the Cons better get with it before Wynne calls a snap election.

      • They are surely not up in any polls around these parts but we will likely get screwed over by southern Ontario voters as usual.
        As far as what the PC’s have up their sleeves, they damn well better make it known soon as you say or we will be fubar.
        Their platform cannot be attacking and making the Wynnedbag look bad, who needs no help in that respect. She is digging her political grave deeper each day.

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