Last Business In Hawk Junction Closes


There could be an opportunity for an entrepreneur in Hawk Junction, apparently the small town could use a business or two according to a viewer, who informs us the town is now void of any business enterprise with the closing of a town icon. Here’s his story:

Main Street Hawk Junction

The last surviving business in Hawk Junction Ontario has closed, leaving the town totally dependent on going to Wawa for anything they may need, including a beer.

The Big Bear Hotel that has been a fixture in Hawk Junction and a well known place and hangout for all the locals and visitors for many, many, many years, is no more.

Whatever will we do when we go up there on our annual fishing and hunting trips, we always gathered there to share stories with people we have met over the years.

It’s a sad day in Hawk Junction, and elsewhere for all the people that have been coming to Hawk Junction and the Big Bear for years, they won’t even likely know that it is closed until they arrive on their next vacation.



  1. Wow. My Mom waitresed there and her father Inlaw Don Thoms owned it for ever. I was there a few times. It was the only gathering place Hawk had. Sad that it will be gone 🙁

  2. That’s a drag we will have to stay in Wawa now and drive back and forth to go fishing and hunting unless I can find someone to rent a couple of rooms from in Hawk Junction.
    If anyone knows of any please post the details here.

  3. Big Bear Hotel
    Well I sure have fond memories of this place,as my dad Bushy owned it for many years.We had alot of fun going to the bar and having parties there.My dad really enjoy the people that came in there and he has met many.It was like a home everyone knew everybody.My dad always had good bands and New year’s parties.I miss the Big Bear and the people.Yes it’s another icon gone.Just like my dad.Hes been gone now 3 years Aug 30.I guess they are going down in history together.The memories will always be in MY heart as well as many others I’m sure.Its really sad…

  4. That truly is too bad. I will miss their delicious burgers and other tasty food items, the conversation, the stories by many different people from all walks of life. RIP Big Bear we will indeed miss you.
    I hope someone has the foresight to reopen it if it doesn’t need to much work to make doing that feasible, although I understand it was for sale for a long time with no takers. Apparently it made good money and the possibility is there for someone.
    The poor little town of Hawk Junction is looking mighty run down these days and could use some revitalization, people to show a little pride in ownership before it is too far gone to salvage. It used to be a very busy little place with several businesses and many visitors!

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