Letter: Liberals embarrass themselves

letter to the editor

Recently in the Ontario Legislation, one of the Liberal MPP’s, Lou Rinaldi, was heard heckling PC MPP, Norm Miller, and yelled the north is, “no man’s land”. Once asked about his “slur” on the north Rinaldi stated he was referring to MPP Vic Fedeli, who was not speaking at the time. This just goes to show people in the Sault and area north of Barrie, the Liberal Party of Ontario does NOT care about us.

It doesn’t stop there, Mr. Rinaldi goes on to call out the PC member, to “take it outside”, to resolve this problem. Are we in high school or are we adults and should be accountable for this kind of behavior? The most shameful part for me is not that one member of the Liberal Party would say such ridiculous things, but that the entire Party has not made him apologize for the insult. Where is the integrity of the Party? What this says to me is that the entire Liberal Party of Ontario feels the same way, period.

If this Liberal member, Mr. Rinaldi is not made to apologize to the people of northern Ontario, and is not made to apologize to those MPP’s that represent our area, I hope everyone remembers that come next election. With an election waiting for us in the spring at the latest, the Liberals should be more concerned with their image than to go around insulting riding’s, and standing behind members that insult them.
I am very proud of Ross Romano for standing up for us, and for those other PC MPP’s that also took a stand, to call this behavior just what it is, insulting.

Lyle Bailey


  1. I concur Lyle Bailey.
    At least topic Ross Romano has the integrity to see where the issue lies and approaches out on a professional and timely manner. Kudos once again, Ross.

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